Pop up. 

Or Permanent.

Beautiful, functional, 360º visualisation
and collaborative meeting spaces.

Igloo Cylinders deliver crisp, clean imagery.

The Igloo cylinder has been designed to meet some very specific needs. And to get the details right, we worked with some key clients. It‘s super flexible, designed to fit beneath standard ceiling heights, it can be deployed almost anywhere. It looks stunning, and with fabric-panelled walls it‘s affordable, and easy to brand in whatever way you want. Completely portable, it‘s fast and easy to erect. And of course like any Igloo product you get the full package. The seamless 360º screens, the 360º projection rig, 5.1 surround sound as standard and of course a powerful media server.

The meeting room of the future. Today.

In contrast to virtual reality headsets, the Igloo solution enables entire teams to work collaboratively within the centre, with everyone viewing the same thing at the same time.  And, because it uses open architecture software and standard computing components, it is possible to import a wide range of different data types and many of your everyday business tools directly into the Igloo Vision platform. Including 360 panoramas, 360 video, CAD and BIM data, presentation tools, Unity and Unreal engines.

Ideal for:

Design Meetings

Collaborative visualisation

Team training

Site familiarisation

Stakeholder engagement

Big data interpretation

6m Cylinder for CGI visualisation

Affordable. Quality branding.

6m Cylinder

The 6m igloo Cylinder is an extremely mobile solution, offering rapid deployment times and an exhibition grade finish. Ideal for collaborative BIM visualisation, exhibition stands and bid presentations.

The Cylinder is our latest innovation. We worked closely with key clients to make sure it meets specific market needs – and, right now, it’s generating a lot of excitement.

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