Create unforgettable experiences.

Engage, inspire and entertain

Igloo events help you get your message across – and make it stick. With 360° sound and vision, you can engage, inspire and entertain.  And we can offer a complete, all-in-one solution – covering everything from design to delivery.Many of the world’s biggest brands and most creative thinkers have used Igloo – and we have delivered unforgettable events around the globe.


Igloo 360° is all about experiences – which 
makes us the ideal experiential marketing solution.

Inside an Igloo, the senses are stimulated from every direction.  Your audiences are immersed in the action.  And, if you add in our interactive capabilities, they become part of the performance.


Igloo is consistently used for 360° film, animation, dance, live music and more.

You’ll see us at music festivals and arts festivals – from Glastonbury to the Venice Biennale.

You’ll also see our installations at visitor attractions and art galleries around the world.



 An Igloo makes for a truly spectacular exhibition space.

It’s a great environment to show off your goods and services.  It can double-up as a conference space or hospitality venue.  And the branding possibilities are endless – with panoramic 360° media inside and a huge blank canvas outside.



To host a memorable event for customers, business partners, or employees, Igloo 360° is the readymade solution.

It’s the ultimate go-anywhere venue.  We can accommodate anything up to 1,400 people.  And we can provide every element of the ultimate night out.

The end-to-end solution – or any individual component

We can create every component of your event.  Or we can fit right in with your
existing teams and agencies.

Igloos can come fully-crewed. They’re also available on a dry hire basis.  You can buy your very own.
Or we can build a unique 360° projection space.

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