Immerse yourself in any scenario

Ideal for training, education and familiarisation

With Igloo 360°, you can immerse entire teams in the centre of any situation. With wrap-around sound and vision, you can re-create realistic scenarios. And, thanks to the flexibility of our technology, you can port any of your existing content to the Igloo platform.

Flexible, powerful technology 

Typical applications.

It’s more effective and engaging than any flat-screen, desk-bound equivalent. Entire teams can discuss and interact at the centre of the scenario. And you reduce the need for costly physical visits to hazardous or faraway sites.

Health and safety campaigns
Risk assessments
Site familiarisations
Virtual site visits
Skills and aptitude assessments


'The flexibility, dynamic deployment and low cost nature of Igloo was an immediate attraction, the rapid repurposing of content such as 3D Unity demonstrations, high definition 360 images from our assets and exisiting video from our Commonwealth and Olympic displays has made it an even more attractive service’

Joe Little, BP Technology Officer


Business Benefits

  • Reduced costs – avoid expensive trips to faraway locations
  • Increased engagement – authentic experiences are effectively re-created
  • Easier monitoring and compliance – all sessions can be recorded and archived
  • Enhanced collaboration – entire teams can interact with any scenario
  • Improved safety – a risk-free way to experience hazardous situations.

Typical sectors

  • Emergency services
  • Oil & Gas
  • Engineering & construction
  • Mining & extractive
  • Power generation & supply
  • Transport & infrastructure
  • Training & education
  • Military          

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