Bring your concepts to life.

The 360° visualisation platform


Igloo visualisations bring your engineering, construction and design concepts to life.

If you create CAD, CGI or BIM content.  If you use 360° films or fly-throughs.  Or if you want to show clients or stakeholders how your finished concepts will look and feel.  

Igloo is a fully-immersive, highly-engaging visualisation platform.

Igloo Visualisation

Typical applications

 Architectural & engineering visualisations

Sales & bid support

Community & stakeholder engagement

Open days & events

Virtual site visits

Asset integrity programmes

CAD & BIM visualisations

With Igloo visualisations you can stand right inside your CAD and CGI design models.  You can demonstrate spatial dynamics.  And you can effectively present your projects to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.


Compatibility and Flexibility

We can enhance and integrate your CAD and BIM data. We can also work with Lidar scans. We can display hi-res 360 renders. We develop and consult on real-time interactive content. And our platform is fully compatible with most visualisation techniques.

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