Flexible, powerful technology. 

The Igloo Media Player

At the heart of the business is the Igloo Media Player:

A layer-based system that can integrate any media format – it’s highly flexible. Engineered for HD, 8K and 3D content – it delivers crystal clear sound and vision. Accommodating any number of video channels – it’s infinitely scalable. Built to run and run – it’s über stable.

And we can easily adapt our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Easy to learn and use.

  • A user friendly experience

  • To help you get the most from 360°, we’ve developed a range of easy-to-use touch screen controllers and interfaces. Using a standard iOS or Android device, you can:, set-up and schedule your 360° content, switch between multiple channels, integrate multiple formats, play, re-play, pause, switch, scale and integrate.

Flexible. Compatible.


An open platform

The Igloo platform is probably compatible with all your content.  If not, our technologists can bring the two together. We support any presentation software (like Keynote, Powerpoint and Prezi).  We can port most image generators direct to the Igloo platform.  And we can enhance all of your CGI, CAD and BIM content. The full range of Igloo-ready simulation systems includes XVR, VBS2, as standard  – along with any Unity 3D or Unreal Engine based content.

Igloo system architecture

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