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360° Immersive Technologies by Igloo Vision




The 360° technology company





Igloo technology

Developing and delivering 360° technology is what we do.

We design and build 360° media players, apps, control panels, interfaces, software cameras, projection domes and screens.






Flexibility and compatibility

The real beauty of the Igloo platform is its flexibility.

We can work with practically any presentation software, media format, games engine or image generator.



Buy, hire or build

We have a full range of Igloo projection domes – from 6-to-21 metres.

You can buy or hire any of them.  Or we can build you your own fully-equipped 360° facility.






Used by:




Creating and adapting 360° content

Creating and adapting 360° content is easier than you might think.

We can give you all the advice and support you need.  We can create content on your behalf.  Or we can introduce you to one of our 360° content partners.




Make use of our 360° test centres

We have two fully-equipped 360° facilities – in Central London and the West Midlands.

Visit us to get a first-hand feel for 360°, see what’s possible, and test your existing content.



Delivering globally

We have delivered 360° right around the globe – including Asian events, UK visitor attractions, US roadshows, European festivals, and Middle Eastern installations.



Featured in:

Our technology has been covered by some of the world’s most influential media outlets.


Get in Touch

Whether it be to develop your project, to arrange a viewing or test session at our HQ, or just to understand more about our capabilities.


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Igloo Vision Limited
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Igloo Vision