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A few months ago, we first noticed a trend in enterprise clients commissioning Igloo Immersive Workspaces. Back in February, at ISE2020 in Amsterdam, we launched the Immersive Workspace solution in partnership with AVI-SPL, with back-to-back demos throughout the show.

As our newest offering, the Immersive Workspace still has something of an air of mystery around it. So, to help anyone who’s interested, we’ve put together a white paper on the technology.

With our 10+ year experience in Shared VR and immersive technology, we had a go at writing our own definition of an Immersive Workspace:

immersive workspace
ɪˈmɜː.sɪv ˈwɜːkspeɪs / noun [C]
A technology-rich meeting space, equipped with wraparound sound and vision, that enables project teams to collaborate more effectively and to engage more intuitively with a full range of digital content and data

In the white paper, we explore the 10 characteristics of an Immersive Workspace, why any business can benefit from immersive collaboration, and the technology that goes into creating such a space.

If you’re ready to explore an Immersive Workspace for your business, be sure to get in touch. We can give you a virtual demo of the ways you can use Shared VR technology.

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