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When our clients ask for something, we always listen. So when a number were asking for ways they could level up their pitch game using our immersive technology, we were more than happy to deliver.

Nobody likes a fifty-page slide deck or being huddled around a screen to watch someone presenting. And in an age of back-to-back video calls, where it can be a struggle to hold people’s attention for longer than a few minutes, compelling pitches are more important than ever.

This isn’t anything new - people have always looked for ways to be more persuasive. Back in the 1850s, inventor Elisha Otis came up with a daring way to convince developers and construction companies that elevators were safe to use, at a time when many were scared of snapping cables.

This was limiting the height buildings could reach, so Otis set out to persuade companies that his safety mechanism would revolutionise the industry. After countless unsuccessful attempts, he decided to do things a little differently and suspended himself 50-foot in the air in an elevator, cutting through the cable to prove his safety mechanism worked. Following this, buildings were able to reach new heights and in came the skyscraper - changing the skyline of cities forever.

While we don’t recommend cutting through cables to get your pitch out there, we do have a few different ways that will help.

Our latest white paper delves into four key ways you can use immersive technology to elevate your pitch - and make that all-important message stick.

Ready to up your pitch game? You can read our latest white paper here.

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  1. Find out how Igloo technology can work for you
    Explore our range of products, including cubes, domes, cylinders, immersive workspaces and Immersive Media Players.

    Find out how the Igloo software can take any content from any source in any format and put it into a shared immersive space.

    Understand more about the applications for Igloo immersive technology, including collaboration, simulation, visualisation, and experiences.

    Check out our collection of case studies and our videos for inspiration.

  2. Learn how you can partner with us
    We’re always on the lookout for content creators who live and breathe the immersive medium - and so our are clients. So, we’d love to hear from you!

    If you’re a systems integrator with a client looking to create an immersive installation, find out how our Immersive Media Player can help you. We can help advise on all the quirks as well as the characteristics of immersive installations.

    See how you can integrate your software with the flexible, content-agnostic Igloo platform, and offer your clients a way to experience your tools in a shared immersive space.

  3. Contact us and book a demo
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    Just get in touch! We can even offer you a virtual demo.

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