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It's all about the content

13th April 2018   Categories:

In an Igloo, everything rests on the quality of the content.

In our 10+ years of doing events and delivering installations, that’s the most important lesson we’ve learned. That’s why we’re so keen to collaborate with the world’s best content creators - so they know about Igloo, know what looks great in an Igloo, and know how to create it.

Over the years, we’ve struck up some great partnerships. But, in all honesty, they’ve generally been the result of chance encounters. As of now, we’re trying to take a more formal and systematic approach to our engagement with content creators.

A good example is our events and exhibitions programme. We’re using these public outings as an opportunity to showcase some of the best creative content out there. At the recent FutureTech VR Show, for example, we worked with the likes of Blend Media, Apache, Tsukat Studio, Surround Vision and Happy Finish. And, as you can see from the video, it’s an approach that appears to be working.

We aim to develop the approach further. So, if you create great content and want to see it in an Igloo at a forthcoming exhibition, get in touch (email