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Extell Development : Mixed Reality Room

Central Park Tower is a super-tall mixed-use commercial and residential project being developed by the Extell Development Company and Shanghai Municipal Investment Group in Midtown Manhattan.

Prices for the ultra-high-end residences are reputed to be in the region of $7,100 per square foot. So, clearly, a building this special warrants an out-of-the-ordinary marketing suite.

Based on Igloo’s projection mapping credentials, our creative and technology teams were commissioned to design and deliver a stand-out solution. A total of 17 projectors and a bespoke media suite were deployed. And the entire room, which measures 8-metres x 7-metres x 6-metres can be bathed in ultra-high-resolution projected imagery.

When the tower is completed in 2020, it will be the tallest residential building in the world - you can learn a bit more about that in this video.

Partners include JDAV who commissioned the integration and River Film who produced the sumptuous 8K content.