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Client:  Siemens and R/GA

Product:  Custom 6-metre cylinder

Location:  Germany

Assignment:  Future Makers

Date:  2017

Siemens is a big believer in its people, who bring their passion, knowledge and expertise to projects that shape the future. And the company decided it was time to introduce these Future Makers to the world.

R/GA, an innovation consultancy, worked with Siemens to produce 360° films of several employees. An app was also created to let anyone, anywhere, experience the world of Siemens.

Igloo Vision became part of the picture when R/GA approached us with the idea of taking the experience on tour. A 6-metre cylinder went on a roadshow in Germany. Incredibly varied 360° films were shown in the Igloo, giving visitors the chance to be immersed in the diverse lives of Siemens’ employees.

The excellent videos created by Siemens and R/GA truly breathed life into the project - and you can even download the Siemens 360° app to your smartphone to experience them for yourself.