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Location:  Germany

Atmosphaeres offers premium 360° stock video with a wide range of themes, such as travel, beaches, mountains, seasons, and many more.

We are very proud of our videos, hence, all the footage in our catalogue has been filmed exclusively on professional cameras. In post-production we spend many hours on each individual video, to make sure that you won't see any seamlines. You won't find anyone peeking into the camera or walking through the picture (except where it is part of the scene, like in cities).

We also remove all equipment, like tripods and microphones, so you get an absolutely clean video. We also believe that footage should be stable so you won't find any highly shaky videos, either. Most of our videos are available with high-quality sound in stereo or spatial audio formats, except where the situation did not permit this and we opted for synchronised camera microphone sound.

If you have any questions or requests, you can be sure to talk to seasoned professionals who have been in the 360° video/VR industry since 2012 and understand your requirements.