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The premium software for displaying content in your Igloo immersive space - Igloo Capture is content-agnostic and compatible with almost any content you could want to display, transforming meetings, presentations, training, education, and events.

Transform the way you work

  • Your Igloo is never a one-trick pony. 
  • The functionality of Igloo Capture can turn your Shared VR space into an innovation hub, an immersive meeting room, a customer experience centre, a data visualisation suite...
  • Or an R&D facility. A training centre. An eye-catching showpiece at events, or an actual venue for virtual events.

Freedom to bring in multiple sources of content

  • Create your own seeing space, no longer restricted to a small screen ahead of you. Bring in multiple content streams and manipulate as you wish. 
  • Build the ultimate collaborative, immersive chamber. 
  • Or transform those once dull meetings into eye-catching and interactive planning boards and presentations.

Capture anything you want

  • Whatever you want on your walls, you can have it.
  • Compatible with videos, images, desktop, YouTube, Teams, Zoom. 
  • Drag-and-drop images and videos. 
  • Cast feeds from laptops and mobiles wirelessly. 
  • It’s so easy for your colleagues and teammates to set up a presentation or event.

What Igloo Capture does

Full customisation

  • Overlay Capture channels. Take full control of them individually to resize and rescale how your content is displayed. Autoscale to full canvas and back.

Save and load

  • Save Capture setups for use later. Set configurations to run at start-up. Save prep time at events or presentations.

Multiple media types

  • Compatible with DirectShow, NDI, Desktop, Video, Image, Full Desktop, Spout, Desktop Window, Youtube, Kona5, Datapath, MS Teams, Zoom.
  • Live stream via HLS, RTMP and RTSP.

Ever accessible

  • Drag-and-drop set up for images and videos. 
  • Switch channels on and off or manipulate them with the desktop Igloo Capture or Igloo Remote.
  • Use a game controller to grab, move and resize Capture channels.

What Igloo Capture can do for you


Your students can visualise data and designs in an immersive 3D environment. They can display it, manipulate it, walk around it, and present it.


Create a fully immersive workspace. Capture channels from GSuite, Teams, Web, Zoom to create a hybrid physical/digital meeting room, with colleagues in-the-flesh and acting remotely.


Create a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable immersive experience for your customers with no shortage of content. Set up 360° films and experiences with surround sound for groups of visitors.

*Out-of-the-box it's 12 simultaneous channels. But, if you do want more, there are ways to make it happen.

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