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As the oil and gas sector digitises its operations and explores the potential for immersive technology, several major players are investing in Igloo Shared VR.

Some clients use Igloo to safely simulate real-life situations or immerse teams into hazardous scenarios. Some are finding new ways to visualise complex data. And others are bringing more excitement and intrigue to live events.

Flexible formats
Igloos can be designed to fit your office space, with mobile and pop-up designs available.

Cost-effective in the long-term
Projectors can run for several years with higher resolutions and are more eco-friendly than traditional LED screens.

Repurpose your Igloo for multiple uses
Take your Igloo to multiple sites, use it as a meeting room, and include it in your exhibition stand.

Carry out clash reviews
Combine various data such as PIDs and Gantt charts to easily identify potential clashes.

Streamline implementation
Rehearse the commissioning and start-up of assets, and simplify handovers to clients virtual flythroughs.

360° mapping
Sophisticated 360° mapping capabilities allow for full capture of sites, meaning virtual Health & Safety training and inductions are possible.

Reverse engineering
Combine CAD data, schedule data, drone footage to easily plan for decommissioning of remote sites with fewer onsite visits needed.

Remote operation
Easily control operations in remote sites, located anywhere in the world, with the use of a digital twin.

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by clients in the Oil & Gas sector to innovate safety training and energise presentations.

So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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