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One common misunderstanding we hear from our clients is around 360° content and the perceived difficulty in creating and accessing it.

So, we wanted to let you know about some great tools you can use to make your own 360° content, and ways to access more great 360° content.

Google Slides
A great place to start is Google Slides. It’s free, it’s easy to use (if you’ve ever created a slide deck, you’ll know exactly what to do), and it works natively with our Igloo Web application.

With Google Slides, you can choose a custom-size for your slide templates. The particularly great thing is that you can set the size to 8000 pixels by 1000 pixels - the size of your Igloo canvas.

It might seem daunting to have so much space to play with, but this is the beauty of presenting inside an Igloo. You can display so much information, so easily, all at the same time. Plus you can easily embed pics, videos, tables, graphs, you name it.

And to help inspire you, we’ve put together a short tutorial with tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google Slides presentation in your Igloo.

It’s the first of many such tutorials we’ll be working on, so watch this space...

Websites in 360°
Igloo Web takes any website and displays it in 360°.

Many websites work incredibly well in this format (it’s as if they were designed for 360°), and sites built in WebGL are a great place to start. This video gives you a little snapshot.

Some of our other favourite sites and web-based resources include:

And we’re constantly researching to find more websites that look perfect in Igloo Web.

Again, watch this space for more tutorials on how to quickly and easily get your content inside an Igloo - whether that’s presentations, data analytics, images, videos, interactive content, whatever.


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