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If you’re setting out on your search for your immersive technology solution, you might have come across a very common misunderstanding that’s out there in the market.

It’s very often the case that the terms ‘CAVE’ and ‘Igloo’ are used interchangeably.

But, the truth is, they are two very different technologies, with very different attributes, and hugely different costs.

And, as our product range and software suite continue to grow, we wanted to provide an updated comparison of what you should consider when weighing an Igloo vs a CAVE.

You could debate the details for hours. But, in essence, it comes down to three key points:

  1. The complexity
  2. The flexibility
  3. The cost

We thought it may be useful to emphasise the distinctions. So, we’ve put together an updated edition of our ‘Igloo vs CAVE’ white paper - and we’d encourage you to download it for the full story.

We've created unique installations for all sorts of clients who were initially looking for a CAVE - and we'd love to tell you about them.

If you’re ready to find out more, just get in touch. We can even give you a virtual demo of the Igloo technology.

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