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A classic case of cross-sector collaboration

The Team Igloo contingent is just about to head off to SXSW in Austin.

For us, the focal point of the entire festival is the screening of Beethoven's Fifth, an immersive film directed by the one-and-only Jessica Brillhart.  

What's great about the project is the depth of cross-sector collaboration - and degree of cross-over between arts and technology. 

Alongside Igloo, partners include the Philharmonia Orchestra and our friends at Mixed Immersion. Then, of course, it's part of the wider Future Art & Culture programproduced by British Underground and supported Arts Council England

In the busy final days of preparation Crispin Parry, Creative Director and CEO of British Underground, found a few valuable minutes to talk to us about the significance of the project and the way that it's breaking new ground.


If you're traveling to Austin, you can see the installation in the heart of the SXSW immersive zone at the JW Marriott from 13th to 15th March. And, if you'd like to book some time to talk to a member of Team Igloo about the potential of #SharedVR technology, contact us now at


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