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Last week, Team Igloo exhibited at Prolific North Live, the biggest marketing and media expo outside of London. Despite the setbacks caused by the unseasonal weather, the event was a definite success, and thousands of delegates travelled to Manchester’s Event City over the two days.

Here’s our BIG idea…

At the event, we wanted to provide a showcase for the best and brightest VR and 360o content creators in the North of England. So, we reached out to several content creators based across the North. And, with the help of our friends at Skout PR, we put together the “Igloo 360o theatre experience”, naming the content after famous films and serving popcorn to excited delegates.

Here's what some of our showcase partners had to say:

Tony Prosser of Real-Time UK said ”Igloo’s immersive 360 VR facility was great to experience and interact with some of our high-end content. The audiences were clearly extremely impressed with what they saw and we realised people were travelling over from the Igloo facility to our stand to learn more about how we do it!"

Darren Hutchinson of Dreamscope mirrored the sentiment: "We had an incredible couple of days at Prolific North Live showcasing our 360o content in the Igloo Vision cylinder - thank you to all those who called in to see it and for all the flattering compliments."

As they say, start as you mean to go on. At Igloo, we want to collaborate with many more content creators at lots more events this year, so watch this space. And, if you're a VR or 360o content creator and want to get involved in future collaborations, email us now at


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