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At Igloo, we have a long history of working in the education sector - from immersing students in the secret world of plankton, to installing a custom system for sports research, to creating the centrepiece of a Digital Scholarship Lab. We’ve now worked with over 25 universities worldwide, in locations as far-flung as Abu Dhabi, Australia, China, Finland, Switzerland, and many more.

Because of this fact, we’ve created a whole host of useful resources for educational institutions looking to integrate immersive technology into their curriculum. We’ve shared them through various avenues, blogs, social media posts. But we wanted to bring them together for quick and easy access.

Here you’ll find:

  • A white paper that sets out our vision for the Igloo Immersive Learning Environment and what it can offer for the current and future Covid-19 world
  • A presentation on the Immersive Learning Environment from our own Theo Penty, first shown as part of the EdTechX Online Summit in 2020
  • A newspaper on the wide range of benefits Shared VR can have across the entire curriculum
  • Our white paper on Igloos vs CAVEs - and what to look for when specifying your immersive solution
  • A list of case studies on our work in education to give you an idea of the many, many uses of Shared VR for the sector

And, of course, if ever you need any more information, just say the word.

#1 - the Igloo Immersive Learning Environment and how it can help replicate face-to-face learning

In a Covid-19 world, universities across the globe are scrambling to adapt to remote learning. And then, in a post-Covid-19 world, it seems inevitable that remote learning models will become more prevalent.

Right now, most of us have turned to standard video conferencing tools, like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, whatever. But they don’t come close to the face-to-face experience.

And that’s especially true in the education sector. The traditional setting of a classroom or lecture theatre is traditional for a reason. It’s worked for millennia.

So, how can educational institutions replicate face-to-face learning in a situation where many are converting to online teaching in the near and foreseeable future?

To help answer that question, we’ve put together a white paper on our Immersive Learning Environments - a physical space from which university lecturers can deliver lectures and tutorials to students located anywhere.

Download the Immersive Learning Environment white paper

#2 - Theo Penty on the Immersive Learning Environment for EdTechX 2020

We’d been gearing up to take part in EdTechX 2020’s London event before Covid-19 struck. But, thanks to the quick action of the organisers, the event instead became an online summit that gathered global thought leaders and their perspectives on the impact of Covid-19 on the education sector.

Among a roster of over 60 speakers, our very own Theo Penty shared the Igloo perspective on how Shared VR can be used across the curriculum (as in the case of Michigan State University) and how we’ve recently refined our video conferencing solutions into the Immersive Learning environment.

#3 - our newspaper on what Shared VR can do for immersive learning

Back in January, we took part in Bett 2020, the world’s leading education technology show. It was an eye-opening experience and a brilliant opportunity to discuss Shared VR with the huge number of attendees there. To help get the message across, we put together a short newspaper on the topic.

It proved pretty popular at the show and we’re hoping you’ll find it just as useful.

Download the newspaper

#4 - creating the ultimate student experience

More-and-more educational institutions are investigating the possibilities of immersive technologies (VR/AR/CX/360) for their curricula. They’re looking for the system that delivers the best mix of flexibility and practicality - and comes at an affordable price.

We’re often asked about what we offer compared to a CAVE-type system. So, to help you appreciate that difference, we put together a white paper on that very topic.

We’ve already installed Igloo systems in over 25 universities across the world. Here’s what they value about Igloo:

  • Our systems are affordable – a fraction of the price of traditional CAVE-type systems.
  • An Igloo looks great and makes a strong statement – grabbing the attention of existing and prospective students, as well as teaching staff, and industry partners.
  • Anyone can use it – an Igloo is easy to understand, so you don’t need to be a technologist to start it up, import content, adapt content, or navigate through it.
  • As your needs change, an Igloo can adapt – a modular system, using off-the-shelf components, an Igloo can grow with your needs and capabilities (for example, by adding more processing power, different projectors or sound systems, and more ways to interact with the content).

And that’s just a snapshot. Check out the white paper for the full story.

Download our white paper on creating the ultimate student experience

#5 - a whole slew of education case studies

As you’d expect from our work in the sector, we’ve got case studies to go with it:

  • Michigan State University - has an Igloo as the centrepiece of its Digital Scholarship Lab. The system has been integrated across the curriculum and was our first university install in the US. You can check out a full in-depth case study for even more detail.
  • The University of Brighton - has a custom 210° projection system that is a simulator used to research reaction times and decision-making in sport-related situations.
  • Loughborough University - uses an Igloo dome to reach graduate students about the realities of working in a live chemical engineering plant.
  • Mid Sweden University - uses Shared VR in its Risk and Crisis Lab, integrated with simulation systems such as surround sound, vibration, scents and temperature. Researches can judge people’s reactions to simulated crisis situations through eye-tracking, sound recording, and physiological monitoring.
  • The University of East London - used a branded Igloo cylinder to demonstrate 360° videos created by students during its 2019 open day.
  • The University of Essex - installed an Igloo cylinder in its Innovation Centre, available for students, start-ups and entrepreneurs to demonstrate their creativity and visualise their ideas.
  • Hertfordshire University - took an Igloo cylinder to King’s Cross Station to take potential students on a virtual tour of the University's campus.
  • Hong Kong Academy of Medicine - installed a 9-metre Igloo dome as a training simulator for the Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute.
  • Incident Command Training Centre - uses a 6-metre Igloo dome as a key training tool in South Korea.
  • Fire Service College - invested in a 6-metre Igloo dome equipped with XVR Simulation software to create interactive training scenarios.
  • Science Museum - used an Igloo dome to house a 3D, 360° experience that could be shared with children of all ages.
  • Royal Academy of Science - used a 12.5-metre Igloo dome to host Ocean Drifters, an immersive 360° film that transported viewers to the secret underwater world of marine plankton.

We hope you find these resources useful. If you’re at all curious as to how Igloo’s immersive technology can be put to work in your institution, be sure to get in touch. We can give you a virtual demo from the comfort of your home. And, when things improve, we’d be glad to have you visit one of our Shared VR centres.

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