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Any company, however big or small, is always going to have data.

According to Business Information supremos Domo, this year there’ll be ‘40x more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe’. And all businesses should be using data to drive their decisions. But all that data is meaningless unless you can assimilate it, interrogate it, and ultimately understand it and draw insights from it.

That’s where data visualisation comes in.

Graphs and charts make it so much easier to see trends and outliers instead of squinting at a never-ending spreadsheet. The human mind more easily understands concepts when they’re presented in a visual manner. Visualisation turns data from being meaningless and static into a dynamic and powerful storytelling tool.

There are many, many, many examples of how powerful data visualisation can be. For example, Tableau, the interactive data visualisation software company, collects examples in its Viz of the Day gallery.

Now imagine how powerful data can be when you can immerse yourself and your colleagues right inside it. In an Igloo Shared VR environment, you can do just that. With a vast, wraparound 360° screen, it’s the perfect way to present your data.

Immersive data visualisation inside Igloo Shared VR.

Increasingly we’re working with clients, such as Shropshire Council and S&P Global Platts, who have vast amounts of data that they need to get inside. We’re helping them with:

  • Data visualisation - make data more accessible and engaging
  • Data storytelling - get people engrossed with your message
  • Data assimilation - compare and contrast data from different sources
  • Data interrogation - find new angles and see new connections

Use case #1: side-by-side data and documentation
With Igloo, your workspace can become a true business tool. All of your data and documents can be tiled across the screens, so that nothing is more than a glance away. As part of your project meetings and updates, you can arrange content for side-by-side comparisons and cross-referencing. You can also tile together many different types of content and data, from many different sources, all at the same time. So, you can share more content, see more detail, and improve your decision-making.

Use case #2: data storytelling and interrogation
In an Igloo immersive space, you can get entirely new perspectives on your data. And, with spatial data (like 3D, GIS and Geophysical data), the difference can be quite profound. As opposed to VR headsets, it continues to be a shared experience - you can make eye contact, read body language, and gauge reactions. And the great thing about the Igloo platform is that it integrates natively with so many data visualisation tools and applications.

For just one example, check out this video on how easy it is to get your Microsoft Power BI visualisations inside an Igloo space.

At the moment, we’ve only been able to showcase this in our Igloo Showroom, but we’ll be putting together a video in a physical structure just as soon as we can.

And this can be done for whatever tool you use, including a growing range of web-based tools - like Tableau, Flow.GL, Esri, Virtualitics, Deck.GL, and more.

So, if you’re part of a company that deals with data, and you’re looking for a way to get more value out of that data, we’d encourage you to check out our white paper on data visualisation with Igloo.

And, of course, be sure to get in touch if you’d like to discuss the possibilities with us.


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