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Even before lockdown brought the events world to a screeching halt, coronavirus had a massive impact on the sector.

To continue to meet with customers, stakeholders and employees, businesses have had little choice. They’ve been forced to pivot to online experiences, and deploy video conferencing technologies or virtual conference platforms.

Even before the crisis, there were mutterings about the viability of traditional events - especially the sustainability.

For example:

  • The typical conference delegate produces 1.89kg of waste per day and 176.7kg of carbon emissions (according to MeetGreen)
  • An estimated 73% of an event’s carbon footprint is down to travel (according to University of Columbia)
  • In terms of production costs alone, a virtual event is estimated to represent a 25-75% saving on a physical event (according to the Inception Company)

So, irrespective of the specifics of the post-lockdown environment, we’d all be well advised to consider alternative event formats.

Events are where we started, and we reckon our technology could help agencies and brands to re-imagine live events - by facilitating a new generation of event formats, including virtual, hybrid and multi-location events.

So, we’ve put together an incredibly in-depth white paper on the key components we can provide.

What can you expect from the white paper?

In it, we explore the solutions we can provide, that can:

  • Help presenters build empathy and engagement with the audience - wherever they may be located
  • Help audiences gain a sense of presence and excitement at being part of a large group - even though they could be physically alone or part of a small coterie
  • Create better collaborative learning experiences - by harnessing digital and immersive tech
  • Position brands in innovative and highly professional ways - by associating them with amazing new technologies
  • Give event organisers flexible responses to a changing world - helping you and your organisations to shine

And, in particular, we’d encourage you to read it to find out how our important Shared VR is in a post-pandemic world:

  • We offer event broadcasting and/or video conferencing with a difference - enabling a way better experience for presenters and participants alike
  • Our structures come in various sizes (right up to 21-metres in diameter) and shapes (including open-fronted versions of our cylinders) - offering open spaces to accommodate social distancing
  • We offer incredible immersive experiences - enabling your delegates to travel anywhere in space or time
  • Take your existing VR content and put it into a shared immersive space that anyone can step right into - without the need for sharing head-mounted devices
  • We offer a range of options for interaction - including gesture control and even voice control, to reduce the need for touch

For the full details, be sure to check out the white paper.

Download the white paper

And, if you’re ready to find out more, just get in touch. We can even give you a virtual demo of the Igloo technology.

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