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One of the most interesting angles of our work at Igloo is our involvement in the university sector. 
Here in Europe, we've installed Igloo systems at several universities, including Loughborough University, University of Brighton and Mid Sweden University. And, over in the US, a 6-metre Igloo cylinder is now the focal point of the brand new Digital Scholarship Lab at Michigan State University.
This is a significant project for Igloo, not just because it's our first US-based university assignment, but also because it features an array of the latest generation Epson America Inc. laser projectors, equipped with specialised ultra-short throw lenses. This means we get all the benefits of laser projectors (image quality, blendability, reliability, etc) in a relatively confined space, with no shadowing and no loss of image quality.
We love the video, put together by Michigan State University, explaining the benefits it's bringing.


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