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When we’re talking about one of our Igloo Shared VR Systems, it’s always so much better to bring you directly into the 360° immersive space. There’s nothing that makes it easier to wrap your head around the power and possibilities of Shared VR than actually viewing it up close.

But there’s always been circumstances when viewing an Igloo Shared VR is impossible. Luckily for our clients, we’re able to arrange virtual demos for our virtual reality system. Here they are, in order of increasing complexity:

  1. Webcam and Screen-share
    Devices required: Laptop, PC, or mobile phone.

    Via simple video conferencing it’s possible to provide a traditional demo where 180° of the screen is viewable during the demo. An Igloo salesperson can speak to you directly through the demo, answer any questions you have and show off all the features as requested.

    Additionally, we can screen share and talk through any of our presentations or show a client through Igloo Showroom.

  2. Google Cardboard or PC screen with YouTube videos
    Devices Required: Google Cardboard and mobile phone, or laptop or PC.

    If you have access to Google Cardboard you can experience two of our flagship products in VR using your phone. If you don’t have Google Cardboard or an equivalent product, it is possible to explore in 360° using your mouse and the YouTube player.

    You can find the playlist on Youtube and see an example below.

    This method will give you an idea of the product’s size and shape, although it won’t allow you to change the content that is playing.

  3. Igloo Showroom, on VR headset or PC
    Devices Required: VR headset or Laptop or PC.

    The next step up from our YouTube videos is Igloo Showroom. This is a standalone VR product viewer which enables you to either explore all of our products in real-time, using a VR headset, or a laptop or desktop computer in the same way.

    This is a great way of comparing product sizes and shapes and seeing how content looks inside the Igloo.

  4. The Wild
    Devices Required: VR headset or Laptop or PC.

    The Wild is third-party immersive collaboration software for architecture and design. This means you can view any of your 3D models in VR or on a PC. We recently integrated this software so it’s possible to view these models in an Igloo.

    We have created a space which shows off all of our products, and you can join us as a guest viewer. You’ll be shown through all of our products and how they relate to each other.

    Right now, we haven’t got a way to show the products working, but you can see the size and shape.

If you’d like to have a virtual Igloo Demo, be sure to drop us a line.


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