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At Igloo, we want to make our shared immersive workspaces available to any organisation - wherever they are in the world, and whatever industry they’re in.

And our integrator partners are key to offering this technology all over the world.

These trusted partners have the skills and expertise to support our mutual clients, not just in acquiring shared immersive workspaces, but also getting the most out of their Igloo installations.

Whether you’re investigating shared immersive workspaces for education, for an innovation hub, for enhancing collaborative work - you can rely on our partners to consult and support you with the optimal Igloo solution.

If you’re an integrator and want to find out how to become a partner, you can get in touch, or find out more on this page.

Our partners

Expert partners


AVI-SPL is a digital enablement solutions provider that transforms how people and technology connect to elevate experiences, create new value, and enable organisations to thrive and grow. As the largest provider of collaboration technology solutions, which include award-winning managed services, it works hand-in-hand with organisations worldwide—including more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies.


Headquartered in Singapore, ESCO has over 13 offices across the region: China, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan and Vietnam. ESCO is a part of the Techno Horizon Group of Companies and, as the Regional Business Unit of GPA, offers a global footprint enabling better outcomes for clients with standardisation, speed, simplicity, and scalability. With more than 32 years experience, ESCO is the answer to organisations' need for integrated technology solutions and services in the realm of professional audio-visual and information communication solutions.


Visavvi is a global leader in audio visual, communication and collaboration. Its commitment to the highest standards has given it top industry accreditations and partnerships and has won it AV Integrator of the Year three times, including in 2021. It has extensive technology expertise and proven people-skills, building strong and trusted relationships with its clients across the corporate, education, healthcare, public and government sectors.

If you’re an integrator, why would you want to get involved with the Igloo Partnership Programme?

Around the world, more-and-more companies are becoming aware of the benefits to be had from immersive technology and content - particularly when you can get whole teams inside.

So, more-and- more companies are investigating immersive workspaces for a range of applications, like simulation, visualisation, collaboration and experiences.

And because an Igloo shared immersive space is so flexible, our technology has been used by companies and institutions all over the world, in all sorts of industries, including:

  • Architecture, engineering, construction
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Oil and gas
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Retail

The thing is, no one’s been doing this as well as us, for as long as us (over a decade, in fact). So, when you partner with us, you know that you’ll be providing your clients with the best possible product or solution. And whatever industry you specialise in, we can support you to offer shared immersive spaces to your clients.

If you’re pitching for or delivering an immersive space, you can call on us for as much or as little as you want.

For, example, we could be involved every step of the way - helping you design and specify a stand-out immersive space, present it to your client, convince them to sign-up, and deliver the installation.

Alternatively, at the other end of the scale, we can leave everything to you, and simply provide an Igloo Immersive Media Player and software bundle.

As your commitment increases, so do the rewards and benefits

Our partner programme provides the opportunity for you to expand your portfolio of technology and your offering to your clients. We have three levels of partners within the programme, reflecting the varied ways that you can get involved with us, your level of investment, your areas of expertise, and your resources.

Ready to learn more?

If you’d like to find out more about our Partner Programme and how you can benefit from working with us, just get in touch. We have a network of demo centres across the world where you can experience Igloo immersive technology for yourself and get an idea of the possibilities.

But, if you’re not able to visit the offices in-person, we’ve got a virtual demo solution for you - enabling you to explore our products, experience our technology, and even try out your content in an Igloo, all without leaving home.

And in the meantime, you can learn all about the Programme in our handy brochure

And once you're ready, just drop us a line.