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With 3D-capable hardware, you can further heighten the immersion of your Igloo system. In Igloo 3D, content no longer only surrounds your participants but moves towards and away from them. Compatible with top-bottom 3D, or Unity and Unreal.

Make your Igloo system 3D-compatible

  • We’ll arrange 3D-capable displays and hardware to make your Igloo 3D-ready.
  • Then, you can make use of existing 3D stereo content or create your own. 
  • Add the next level to 3D with your 360° screen. 

Create interactive 3D projects

  • Create content with the popular game engine tools you already use.
  • Use 3D modeling and animations to create powerful 3D films and experiences, all viewable in 360°.
  • Build one-of-a-kind experiences at events, festivals, and exhibitions.


What Igloo 3D can do for you


Transport students on virtual 3D field trips, whether within a space shuttle or into the middle of a rainforest. No risk of nausea or motion sickness like VR headsets -- so it’s suitable for younger students. 


Immersive 3D simulations. Train your staff in environments that would ordinarily be difficult or dangerous to get into.


Treat audiences to awe-inspiring immersive 3D content. Dazzle them with 3D films, video games, and immersive experiences.

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