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Take control of and configure external devices with your Igloo system. Igloo 4D adds the fourth dimension to presentations, films, and events to make them even more immersive and effective.

Create one-of-a-kind audiovisual experiences

  • Extremely effective at events, tourism, and experiential marketing for sportswear, drinks manufacturers, etc. 
  • Integrate house lights, smoke machines, aroma diffusers, fans, as part of your immersive experience.
  • Schedule 4D triggers at points in your movie - remove the need for manual oversight.

Present in an Immersive Workspace

  • Drop blinds for your windows and switch on lights all as part of your Igloo system.
  • Compatible with popular control systems like DMX and Crestron.
  • Integrate 4D effects to make sit-up-and-take-notice presentations.

What Igloo 4D can do for you


Transport students on virtual field trips with CGI or 360° video, 4D environmental effects and surround sound. Take them on a journey to the middle of a volcano, or the bottom of the ocean.


Create 4D simulations. Immersive simulations that are entirely realistic, for authentic training purposes. 


Create sensory experiences, such as a bar experience pairing specialty cocktails with sights, sounds, and scents to enhance the taste.

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