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Unlock the full capabilities of your Igloo system with Igloo API. Integrate whatever you want to your Igloo to communicate with it and control it.

Automate your Igloo system

  • Control your Igloo system with sensors. 
  • Automatically have your display switch on once the door to your immersive space is opened.
  • Trigger content to play when people step inside. Ideal for permanent installations showcasing your brand or products.

Control your Igloo with gestures or voice commands

  • Turn your Igloo system on and direct it with voice commands. Compatible with Amazon Alexa among others. 
  • Use gesture tracking with Kinect sensors, Myo armbands, VR headsets and more. Pause a video when holding up your hand, or scrub through a video by waving your arm. 
  • Annotate and draw on the screen with hand gestures. Ideal for ideation, brainstorming and blue-sky thinking.

Host immersive events like no other

  • Control content with heart-rate monitors, treadmills, exercise bikes, accelerometers, LiDAR sensors, Kinect and more. 
  • Create a personalised immersive experience for your participants dependent on their actions or movements.
  • Videos, music, scents or sounds can be triggered when your participants try or use one of your products.

What Igloo API can do for you


Immersive training for your athletes. Track heart-rate, body temperature and other data and use it to trigger content. Use accelerometers to quicken the speed of a video being played while your student athlete is on a treadmill, creating a sense of motion.


Keep an installation on-site for powerful brand recognition. Set it to automatically play a 360° experience showcasing the best of your brand once visitors drop in. Let them interact with your company story with gestures.


Create personalised, immersive experiences to show off how your products handle in a simulated environment. Showcase your sportswear in a virtual environment designed to mimic them facing the elements.

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