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Easy to navigate, easy to use. Igloo Encode is a simple drag-and-drop app for you to convert and optimise videos for your Igloo immersive technology. Create 360° viewing experiences like no other.

Create one-of-a-kind film experiences

  • Use corporate storytelling to wow stakeholders and clients by demonstrating your brand.
  • Create immersive experiences for the ultimate event showstopper.

Build empathy and invest your audience in your content

  • Reach audiences by separating them from distractions in a shared immersive space.
  • Sink them into experiences that they can’t have in the real world.
  • Ideal for training, fundraising, events.

Endlessly re-usable

  • Use immersive content again and again for years to come.
  • Create a film bank of powerful 360° content.

What Igloo Encode does

Compatible with almost any movie format and codec

  • Take content from a range of commonly used file formats and export them as the codec most appropriate for your requirements.
  • Drag and drop 360° and non-360° video files for conversion. 
  • Feed in any of your pre-existing or library video content to make it Igloo-ready.

Edit directly inside Igloo Encode

  • Take full control of how the video is exported.
  • Change resolution, adjust audio channels, output set sections, or output a video as an image sequence.
  • Amend content and export depending on the Igloo system you’re playing in -- ideal for Igloos with differing canvas sizes, or use of an Igloo Immersive Media Player.

What Igloo Encode can do for you


Hold 360° film screenings with your students’ films. Create powerful art exhibitions. Utilise the strength of the medium by allowing content to be paused to focus on the entire screen.


Create 360° stings and sizzlers to immerse your audience, whether clients, customers, employees or stakeholders. Show how your brand can make a difference. Leave them inspired. 


Play immersive experiences and exhibitions in your Igloo for groups of people without a hitch. Separate them from distractions and create experiences that they could never have imagined.

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