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Igloo Control Panel is an easy-to-use intuitive app for controlling and interacting with your Igloo.

A hub to run your Igloo

  • A simple interface that gives you control of meetings, Capture sources, integrated apps and Igloo Home.

  • Deftly move between tabs to work with any and all of your content.

  • Take control with your keyboard and mouse. 

Run collaborative meetings

  • Display and scale video calls on the Igloo canvas.
  • Share an area of the Igloo canvas to your video calls.
  • Remote colleagues get a close-up look at the details on the canvas.

Control all your inputs

  • Show, hide, move and scale any sources with content loaded.
  • Show of hide your Web layer, seamlessly switching context between web-based content and any other kind of content.
  • Control media directly from the Sources tab. Play, pause, and adjust the volume of a video in your Capture source. Or load a PDF and scroll through as it's shown on your canvas.

Interact with your integrated apps

  • Access the full functionality of Igloo Viewers for Matterport, Google Street View, Google Earth, and more.
  • Launch YouTube and easily choose what you want to watch. You can watch videos in standard resolution or 360°, with all the normal functionality you’d expect – within Igloo Control Panel itself
  • Ever-more functionality is available to you as you integrate more-and-more of your favourite tools.

Easy ways to launch content

  • The Home tab is a replica of your Igloo Home screen, with all your tools just a click away.
  • Launch any of your tools or content with a click. Whatever you want to start – a 360° video, a website, or a real-time app – loads in seconds.
  • Cast your keyboard and mouse to interact directly with Igloo Home or Igloo Web directly on the canvas.

What Igloo Control Panel can do for you

People watching a presentation in an Igloo

Teams call in an Igloo cylinder

Using an Igloo touchscreen at an event


Deliver pre-prepared lectures easily with no downtimes during the session. Get distance-learning students involved with canvas sharing.


Host meetings with minimal training and preparation, whether your attendees are in the room with you or joining remotely.


Have seamless sessions with your audience whether they're in the space with you or joining a livestream or webinar.

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