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Igloo Playback is the vital plug-in that allows you to play multiple forms of media in your Igloo Shared VR system. Igloo Playback means videos, images, real-time applications can all be brought into your shared immersive space. Play both 360° and non-360° content over a vast screen.

Immerse your audience with the content you already have

  • Transform those traditional briefings and discussions into active sessions making use of an entire room. 
  • Display all your existing videos or panoramic photos in your Igloo chamber with minimal fuss.

Create memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences

  • Get the undivided attention of your audience in virtual reality. 
  • Guide groups of people inside a giant VR headset. 
  • Use 360° film and CGI worlds to create unrivaled experiences.

Find yourself in the best of both worlds with VR and Shared VR  

  • Create new content that can be endlessly reused or still used elsewhere.
  • Share your new 360° content in VR headsets for one-on-one experiences.
  • Heighten immersion for one-on-one experiences, or immerse groups of people to guide them along.

What Igloo Playback does

Display media on your vast canvas in high quality

  • Play on multiple high-quality content channels, perfectly synchronised from a single Immersive Media Player.  
  • Drive multiple HD and 4K channels. 
  • Make use of high frame rate content without loss of frames. 
  • Plays high-resolution content over a large number of video outputs.

Immerse your audience with surround sound

  • Compatible with Dolby & AMBEO. 
  • Support for up to 16 audio output channels.
  • Choice of audio format and hardware to suit your requirements.
  • Make use of existing soundscape and audio assets in their original formats.

What Igloo Playback can do for you


Transport your students on virtual field trips by displaying panoramic photos of major landmarks around the world.


Whether interior design or architecture, flick between panoramic or 360° photos in seconds to compare and contrast various designs. Walk around them in life-size.


Play 360° film in up to 16K quality with full surround sound. Transport audiences into an immersive cinema viewing experience like nothing they’ve seen before.

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