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The Igloo Media Player

We care about the quality of every single component.

To create an Igloo, we specify and source a full range of hardware, including:

  • Powerful computers to run our software
  • Touchscreen devices to control the Igloo Media Player
  • Projectors to display the Shared VR imagery
  • Audio systems to deliver the soundscapes
  • Engineered frames to hold it all together

Across everything, we have an uncompromising approach to quality. Because, as control freaks, we need to be sure our clients enjoy the ultimate immersive experience.

Key features

Single box architecture for simple content production and management.

Intuitive user interface - simple-start up and shut-down procedure.

Turnkey 360° solution - all-in-one warping, edge-blending and media playback.

Online support available with IP (Internet Protocol) cameras for remote diagnosis.

Robust, reliable media servers

Ultra-fast SSD raided, ultra-reliable media servers.

Everything has been designed and specified by our own technologists to deliver on the demands of seamless 360° playback.

We use single-server architecture to simplify content management, achieve super-smooth playback, and get the best combination of image quality and stability.

And, of course, we have complete redundancy of all components.

Projector options

Specifying the right quality, for the right application, for the right price.

We’ve been working with immersive projections for more than a decade. And, as you’d expect, our technology team has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the capabilities and idiosyncrasies of different projector types, backed-up by close working relationships with the leading projector manufacturers.

All of our products come complete with a recommended projector array - which can be up-graded or down-graded according to client requirements.

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by 100s of clients across many different sectors.
So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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