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Our technology

With an in-house team of 360° specialists, we design and create all our own technology.

This includes our own 360° software, media servers, interfaces, software cameras, projection rigs, structures and screens. So you can get a fully-integrated solution from a single source.

With a +10 year track record, we believe we know more about 360° projection technology than anyone. The company was formed on the belief
that we could make immersive environments more affordable (in fact, The Economist magazine cites Igloo as an example of ‘frugal innovation’).
And the determination to find ingenious cost-efficiencies and elegant solutions is still very much part of the Igloo story.

Forever developing new solutions

Our technology team is constantly developing new solutions – keeping our technology current and integrating new functionality whenever it becomes available.

As well as creating standardised solutions, we work with clients on bespoke functionality. We also work with technology partners to make their solutions Igloo-ready. And we keep on-top-of the fast-moving worlds of VR and AV, to look out for promising new innovations that can be given the Igloo treatment.

Locally-based manufacture and quality control

When it comes to our technology, we tend to be control freaks, and we only work with suppliers we know and trust.

So, for example, we build our servers from highly-rated, off-the-shelf components.

And, for our structures, covers, projection rigs and screens, we have selected premium, locally-based manufacturers, giving us total control over quality and compatibility.

So, when you buy or hire an Igloo projection space, you get something that is pre-built and signed-off by our engineers...long before it reached you.