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The Igloo Media Player

At the heart of the business is the Igloo Media Player.

We’ve designed it to be a user-friendly open platform, accessible to anyone, integrating many third party software solutions, games engines and applications.

A layer-based system that can integrate any media format – it’s highly flexible.
Engineered for super smooth 8K+ and 3D content – it delivers crystal clear sound and vision.
Built to run and run – it’s super-stable.

And we can easily adapt our solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Robust, reliable media servers

Our projection domes deploy ultra-fast SSD raided, ultra-reliable media servers. 

Everything has been designed and specified by our own technologists to deliver on the demands of seamless 360° playback.

We use single-server architecture to simplify content management, achieve super-smooth playback, and get the best combination of image quality and stability.  We can also import content, in real-time, from external sources like live streams, or incorporate real-time generative content and audience interaction.

And, of course, we have complete redundancy of all components.

Key features

  • Single box architecture for simple content production and management
  • Intuitive user interface - simple-start up and shut-down procedure
  • Drag and drop content scheduling
  • Designed for dome, cylinder or 3D object mapping
  • Turnkey 360o solution - all-in-one  warping, edge-blending and media playback
  • 4k - 8K+ compatible
  • Wireless tablet control
  • Online remote support compatible