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Easy to learn and explore

Igloo software is built for ease-of-use and stability.  It’s easy to start (just two clicks from your desktop) and operate.  And you will quickly learn how to get the best from it.

 Broadly speaking, it offers four main types of functionality:

Igloo Playback

Warp and blend to create a seamless 360° view and deliver super-smooth 360° sound & vision.

Igloo Capture

Effortlessly switch between up to eight external inputs and presentation sources.

Igloo Visualisation

Work with all of the leading 3D models and industry-standard games engines.

Igloo Simulation

Take advantage of gesture-control and run real-time simulations.

Partner software:   

Easy to set-up and control

To help you get the most from 360°, we’ve developed a range of easy-to-use touch screen controllers and interfaces.

This intuitive software allows you to:

  • Set-up and schedule your 360° content.
  • Switch between multiple channels instantly.
  • Integrate multiple formats.
  • Play, re-play, pause, switch and scale.
  • Specify clip specific settings.

Wireless control

Using a standard iOS or Android device you can deliver perfect presentations even with content from multiple sources. Play, pause, switch, scale.