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All Igloo structures are composed of three main components,

1) The frame 

  2) The screen

3) The cover

Every aspect of every component is designed in-house. 

We use locally-based manufacturers to create them just how we want them. Because we’re used to life on the road, everything is easy-to-assemble and, with tailored flight-cases, convenient to ship worldwide.

The Frames

All Igloo frames are designed to be elegant yet practical.

We use alumium frames to give high strength whilst being lightweight for shipping. Our dome designs have withstood hurricanes in Nova Scotia and typhoons in Hong Kong.

Dome Frames

Full engineer’s
robust and weather-proof
fewer poles,
quicker set up
elegant and
no power tools needed

Cylinder frames

Twist-lock connectors -
no power tools needed

Super-quick to erect - 
anyone can do it

Lightweight aluminium - 
lightweight and easy to ship

Anodised finish - 
elegant and stylish

Custom-built screens

All Igloo projection spaces come complete with high-gain custom-built 360º screens.

Over our 10+ year history, we’ve perfected the design, so we get the best results in a 360º setting and avoid bleaching and washout.

For our domes we use negative-pressure technology. Where extra durability is required (in a retail space, for example, or a visitor attraction), there’s the option of solid, floor-to-ceiling fibre-glass screen.  And, for the cavernous 21-metre dome, we use our own double-skinned inflatable design.

Our cylinders come equipped with durable, tensioned fabric screens.  To get the best out of the projection system, they are pre-printed to just the right colour. They can also be fitted in a matter of minutes and, being fabric, they're affordable to replace if needed.

bp water screen


Indoors or out, we’ve got you covered

Igloo covers are designed to provide a complete blackout – and create the ideal projection environment, no matter what the  conditions outside.

You can have plain, sleek white covers.  You can choose a colour of your own.  Or you can brand your Igloo in any way you want (we can provide templates for you to organise your own design and printing, or we can do everything on your behalf).

Igloo domes come with super smooth indoor or all-weather outdoor PVC options giving you total flexibility for mobile or permanent solutions. We use tried and trusted, UK-based fabric engineers to ensure your cover can withstand whatever’s thrown at it.

Like the screens, cylinder covers are very affordable to replace, which makes it easy for you to freshen-up your cylinder or create bespoke covers for one-off events or installations.