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Military & emergency services

As a truly immersive environment, an Igloo is capable of transporting people to the heart of any conceivable military situation or disaster response scenaria.

Igloo Software is compatible with some key players in the market, such as XVR and BISim (the developers of the leading battlefield simulation system used by armed forces in countries like Australia, the Netherlands, the USA and of course the UK).

The true advantage of an Igloo is that it is like a giant VR headset. Entire teams can get inside. They can take, see and use their equipment - larger Igloos can even accommodate armoured vehicles. So the Shared VR experience is well suited to battlefield training.

Integrate with leading software
Igloo integrates with training simulation software and accommodates multiple applications.

A fraction of the cost
A cost-effective, semi-portable system, which can be accommodated anywhere.

Train entire teams
Bring whole teams along with their equipment into repeatable training scenarios.

Integrate other equipment
Use exactly the same tools you use in the field.

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by Military and emergency services clients to safely simulate training with whole teams in an immersive environment.

So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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