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Igloo Core Engine is the software platform for shared immersive spaces.

It is used by astute and innovative organisations for visualisation, simulation, collaboration and engagement.

About our software

In creating Igloo Core Engine, we drew on everything we have ever learnt about immersive spaces (and, remember, we’ve been in this business for +15 years), and we combined all that functionality into one powerful, elegant, easy to use package.

Think of Igloo Core Engine like an operating system for immersive spaces. It can power any shared immersive space irrespective of size, shape, configuration, or display technology - and it's also great for any other large format displays.

Igloo Core Engine takes the complexity out of building, operating and benefiting from shared immersive spaces.

Canvas UI

Desktop UI

Igloo Control Panel

True Perspective

With Igloo Core Engine, there’s no need to configure any content in a complicated backend system.

One of the most loved features is True Perspective. It automatically applies the correct, true-to-life perspective to 3D models, so you don't have to.





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Igloo Core Engine

makes it easy to create

immersive spaces

Igloo Core Engine takes the complexity out of creating immersive spaces – everything is run from a single box, any display technology is supported, and there’s no need to patch in any other technologies.  

With Igloo Core Engine, you can create and power any kind of display or visual setup, from complex CAVEs, to attention-grabbing immersive spaces, to LED walls, to flat projection – it doesn't matter what the display is, it always makes it easy. 

The Igloo Core Engine API enables clients to integrate deeply with their enterprise applications and room control technologies – so something that was once complex and complicated, is now incredibly easy to set-up and customise. 

Here's what makes Igloo Core Engine different 

Igloo Core Engine is at the very heart of our business. We believe it’s the BIG differentiator for Igloo. And there are several things that set it apart.

A specialist tool for a specific job

Igloo Core Engine is tailor-made to power immersive spaces (alternatives tend to be show control systems which can only deliver carefully choreographed linear content, or a Frankenstein’s Monster of many different technologies cobbled together). 


Igloo Core Engine has a simple interface for everyday users and an admin panel for more technical users, so everyone in your organisation will soon be comfortable operating it.  

A layer-based content system

Because it’s so flexible, Igloo Core Engine enables you to work with many different content types, in different formats, from different sources, for many different applications – which adds to the practicality of your Igloo space and can bring a quicker ROI. 

A robust, enterprise-grade solution

Igloo Core Engine bundles the full range of Igloo applications and capabilities into a single, integrated, elegant package - so it’s uber stable and fits within the corporate IT envelope 

A true-to-life 3D image

Our True Perspective technology means there is no distortion, even in the corners of a room - which is what most people might expect when they invest in an immersive space, but other solutions rarely deliver.  

Used by professionals in many different industries

Igloo Core Engine supports multiple use cases, keeps up with all the latest technologies irrespective of sector, and ensures that clients never get stranded in a technological cul de sac. 

01 VR, 3D and 360° content
02 A range of web-based content
03 Practically any presentation tool
04 All the office tools you use
05 A world of generative AI content
06 Anything else you care to mention
VR, 3D and 360° content


The full range of VR, 3D and 360° content   

Including game engine-based content, 3D design tools, visualisation tools, and immersive training programmes. 

A range of web-based content


An ever-expanding range of web-based content 

Including 360° YouTube videos, Google Streetview, Matterport models, WebGL websites, data visualisation packages, and geospatial tools.

Practically any presentation tool


Practically any presentation tool 

Including Powerpoint, Microsoft Sway, Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi, and more.

All the office tools you use


All the office tools you use in your everyday work  

Like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.   

A world of generative AI content


A whole new world of generative AI content

Including content created using Stable Diffusion and copernic360.

Anything else you care to mention


Almost anything else you care to mention

If it’s digital – or digitised – and its playable, you can generally play it in an Igloo

 Our software packages

Learn more about the range of options, fully customisable to your needs 


Essentials is suitable for a standalone Igloo solution offering the essential features needed to use an immersive space.

  • Access to Igloo Control Panel, our cross-platform application that enables users to control features from a remote device.
  • Display anything on the internet inside the space, or tile and display multiple channels of content to create an immersive control room.
  • Bring remote colleagues into the heart of the room with our video conferencing integrations.


Enterprise offers deeper integration with corporate systems and office environments. Also contains the software in the Essential package.

  • Bring in greater levels of immersion with touch screens, gesture control and body tracking compatability.
  • Display 3D, 4D and live stream 360° content and take full control of the Igloo system.
  • Control external devices like lights, blinds, smoke machines and more, to create immersion like none other.

Not sure which package is right for you, or ready to learn more?

Speak to an Igloo representative for more detail and to see Igloo Core Engine in action. 

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