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Get your message across - and make it stick

At Igloo, we’re well-versed in the art of memorable experiences. We got our start on the festival circuit well over a decade ago. And that work was soon followed by unique brand experiences for the likes of Sky, Toyota, and many more.

Now, Igloo immersive spaces are used in all sorts of ways to surround a business’s audience in its story - whether it's communicating new brand plans, launching the latest product internally or externally, or whisking that audience to a far-off destination.

You can choose a permanent installation at your office, a portable Igloo to take out and about, or something in between. It’s the perfect way to create and share something special with whole groups at once.

Igloo for corporate storytelling

If you're looking for a way to get across what it is that you and your business do, you couldn’t find a better way than an Igloo immersive space. With wraparound sound and vision, you can go beyond the all-too-familiar slide deck and immerse your participants in your message.

Your presentation can fill the vast canvas and surround your audience. If you’ve got graphs and figures, they become much easier to understand when they’re visible all at once. It becomes simpler for your audience to connect the dots and remember the context, because you aren’t flicking back and forth through single slides.

And with Igloo, storytelling becomes much more than passive presentations. You could use 360° videos to and visualisations to put your audience in the heart of what you have to offer. You could use interactive tools to give your audience the reins – for example, by using game engine content, or web-based tools such as Miro for brainstorming.

It’s not just about telling the story to an external audience. You can use your Igloo immersive space to deliver updates to your teams, share new knowledge and processes with them, and get them on board with the direction of the business.

Igloo for exhibitions

Take your story on the road with a flexible and portable system that can be used in exhibition halls and conference spaces.

Immerse visitors in your goods and services, take them behind the scenes of your operations, give them tours of the work you’ve carried out, and much more.

With our immersive cylinders and domes, you can create memorable events to get your brand front and centre of your audience’s minds. Bring in interactive elements to give them control over the whole experience. For example, you can use tablets alongside your Igloo for visitors to select the content they want to see. Or you can use VR wands and other controllers to let them get involved. You could even use tools like VR Spectator to let some of the audience try the experience in a VR headset, and everyone else gets to see what they see on the Igloo screen.

Plus, there are plenty of branding options for our Igloos to make them eye-catching showpieces. You have a huge blank canvas to show off your brand. And our own graphic designers will work closely with you to make sure the covers are just right.

Get every sense involved

Whatever sort of Igloo setup you choose, the super-flexible Immersive Media Player means you can integrate with many other tools to level up the experience even further.

You could bring in 4D elements such as scent machines to add another layer to an immersive tasting experience. Or make use of wind machines to whisk the audience away on top of a mountain or use rain machines to take them on a trek outdoors. With immersive experiences like these, you could give the audience a way of test-driving your products in a safe, controlled environment – and gauge their every reaction.

Working with you to perfect your content

If there is one thing we’ve learnt about experiences in an Igloo, it's this – it will only ever be as good as your content.

The Immersive Media Player works, out-of-the-box, with a massive array of content.

The great thing is that you’ve got so much scope to create something amazing. So, for example, you can:

  • Play back any of your content in crystal-clear, ultra-high definition.
  • Enhance your 360° content with attention-grabbing 360° soundscapes.
  • Work with animation and/or CGI and/or video and/or anything really.
  • Incorporate and switch between any media source (live, streamed video, for example, or even a Skype call) and any presentation software (like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, and more).

You can call on us for guidance or work with one of our content creator partners to make something just for you.

The end-to-end solution

However you choose to create your Igloo experience, we’ll provide you with a fully-equipped, turnkey solution.

Want a permanent installation? Our expert installation teams will handle everything from start to finish, or we can fit in with your chosen AV integrators.

Need an Igloo for an exhibition or a tour of events? Our project managers will work closely alongside yours to deliver unforgettable experiences for your target audience.

Something in between? We can train you and your own teams to set up, run, and take down your Igloo system so you can have it at your offices, and then redeploy it at events before coming back to home base.

Don't take our word for it

What do our clients think?

"Our event guests and leadership team were both WOWed by the Igloo, and it was definitely a talking point at our event.”

“When you show your film in a headset it’s amazing, but it’s a lonely experience. With Igloo, you’ve all been there together, you’ve got the message together, and you can discuss it together.”

“I don’t think you could find a better technology or better space to communicate compelling stories about what you do as an organisation.”

Kelly Clifford
Senior Event Marketing Manager, SAP Concur

philharmonia graphic

William Samaha
VR Creative, Sky

sky graphic

Andrew Dunnett
Director, The Vodafone Foundation

vodafone foundation graphic

Take a look at some case studies

People at immersive tasting experience for Ferrero Roche

An Igloo immersive cylinder hosting a visualisation of the WarnerMedia Innovation Lab

Ferrero Rocher

A pop-up immersive tasting experience at London’s Westfield centre.


An open-front cylinder for everyone to experience the action.