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The product

The immersive exhibition features two curved screens which combine to create a wraparound 270° immersive display.  

The larger 18-metre screen is used to show a stunning panoramic film by Scottish filmmaker Angus Trinder. The film features the landscapes and wildlife of the Cairngorm Mountain in all seasons, and the long sweeping shots make full use of the large panoramic display.   

The large screen is complemented by a smaller 10-metre screen featuring further images, video, information and realtime updates about conditions on the mountain.    

The display is the largest panoramic display Igloo has ever installed, featuring nine E-vision 5100 lumen projectors by Digital Projection. The larger display is powered by an IMP (Igloo Immersive Media Player) and an IMP Lite is used for the smaller display. These specialist immersive media servers are designed and specified to meet the demands of each display and are ideal for large-scale immersive screens which combine multiple projector outputs.  

The result

The immersive exhibition has been a huge hit with visitors that come to the Ptarmigan Building. It’s a fantastic refuge for skiers and walkers who have been out on the mountain. And for those who travel via the Cairngorm Mountain Railway, the immersive exhibition, restaurant, viewing platform and railway combine to enhance the visitor experience, and provide a unique day out that is accessible to everyone.   

Going forward

After launching the immersive exhibition in 2023, Cairngorm Mountain are looking to develop more content for the space. They have commissioned a further three panoramic films and are exploring ways of getting creative with how the two screens interact.  

"Whether they come in winter or the summer, the immersive exhibition gives our visitors a sense of the seasonality at Cairngorm Mountain, and we are able to take people to places on the mountain range that they would never otherwise be able to get to and really showcase the National Park." 

Jim Cornfoot, Land Manager Cairngorm Mountain

"The display really gives a sense of the vastness of the landscape shown in the films, and the fact that you have to move your head and body to take it all in gives you that feeling you are really there." 

Christine Butchart, Marketing & Communications Manager at Cairngorm Mountain.

"The exhibition is beautiful to watch, it’s like flying on the back of an eagle"