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A range of immersive technology solutions

At Igloo, we offer a range of software packages and Immersive Media Players to power any kind of shared immersive space.

Organisations everywhere are working with more-and-more data and more-and-more information all the time. In an Igloo, all of that data is on the walls, clear for your teams to see – so it’s easier to work on that data, connect the dots, and make better decisions more quickly. And with our video conferencing integrations, you can bring the whole team into one place.

Our products

Igloo software

We’ve designed and developed our own software for over a decade – with many of its innovative features built directly in response to our customers’ requests.

It’s easy-to-use with intuitive interfaces and control methods, so that anyone can step in and your teams can start benefiting from Igloo right away.

Immersive Media Players

All the power of Igloo immersive technology contained in a sleek, sophisticated, standalone unit.

Immersive Media Player showing content inside an immersive space

Immersive workspaces and rooms

Turn any existing room into an immersive one, regardless of its size or shape - create anything from slick presentation rooms to sophisticated innovation suites.

Cylinders, cubes, domes

Off-the-shelf, standalone structures that can act as mobile pop-up immersive spaces, or become permanent installations.


Adapt a standardised solution, or work with us to create an immersive space from scratch.

Igloo CAVEs

An environment that combines 3D projection and head-tracking for realistic, interactive, immersive experiences.

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