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Distinctive, go-anywhere, all-weather 360° environments that always make an impression.

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Cylinders & cubes

Super-flexible, indoor-only solutions that are designed to squeeze into most spaces.

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Draw on our 360° credentials and technology to create a bespoke space, specifically for you.

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Immersive Workspaces

Easily transform any existing meeting room into an Igloo Immersive Workspace.

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Igloo projection domes

Domes are where we first started, and we know them through-and-through.

Importantly, our domes are fully integrated immersive solutions. Instead of retrofitting projectors inside a standard structure, we design and configure every element - the frames, screens, covers, and projection rigs - to create the optimum immersive experience.

By the way, if you’re just looking for a dome (that is, without the projection), you should probably look elsewhere. At Igloo, we’re all about the full 360° experience. They are available to buy or hire and come fully-equipped and all ready-to-go.

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Our domes are...

Indoor or outdoor
Deployable anywhere in any weather.

Simple, modular construction.

Always an attention-grabber
Distinctive looks, with lots of branding options.

Full H&S documentation and engineer’s reports.

Igloo projection cylinders & cubes

Our cylinders and cubes were designed to meet some very specific needs. And, to get the details right, we worked with some key clients.

As well as looking stunning, they are super-flexible. Like any Igloo product, you get the full package – the seamless 360° screens, the 360° projection rig, 5.1 surround sound as standard, and a powerful media server. And, as with the domes, they are available to buy or hire, and come fully-equipped and ready-to-go.

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Our cylinders & cubes are...

Fits under standard ceiling heights.

Visually stunning
Easily branded, exhibition-grade finish.

Completely portable
Quick-and-easy to rig and de-rig.

Surprisingly affordable
Built from standardised components.

Igloo custom-builds

If you want something bespoke, let’s talk. We can always adapt our standardised solutions. Or we can build something unique, specifically for you.

Recent custom-builds include:

  • A 3-dome Igloo-plex, erected deep in the Thai jungle.
  • A 210° projection space in one of the world’s leading sports science facilities.
  • A 17-projector immersive room at one of New York’s most exclusive addresses.
  • A 25-million pixel installation for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.
  • A 4D-experiential projection tunnel at the UK Boat Show.

As you can see, the range is wide, and you could make it even wider.

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by 100s of clients across many different sectors.
So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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