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Leave lasting memories

Igloo events help you get your message across – and make it stick.
With wraparound sound and vision, you can engage, inspire and entertain.

And we can offer a complete, all-in-one solution – covering everything from design to delivery.
Many of the world’s biggest brands have used Igloo – and we have delivered more than 400 unforgettable experiences around the globe.


Igloo 360° is all about experiences – which makes us the ideal experiential marketing solution.

Inside an Igloo, the senses are stimulated from every direction.  Your audiences are immersed in the action and, if you add in our interactive capabilities, they can become part of the performance.


Igloo is consistently used for 360° film, animation, dance, live music and more.

You’ll see us at music festivals and arts festivals – from Glastonbury to the Venice Biennale. You’ll also see our installations at visitor attractions and art galleries around the world.

hands on screen with dancers


An Igloo makes for a truly spectacular exhibition space.

It’s a great environment to show off your goods and services. It can double-up as a conference space or hospitality venue and the branding possibilities are endless – with panoramic 360° media inside and a huge blank canvas outside.


To host a memorable event for customers, business partners, or employees, Igloo 360° is the readymade solution.

It’s the ultimate go-anywhere venue, we can accommodate anything up to 750 people and we can provide every element of the ultimate night out. 


The Igloo story began on the festival circuit – and we still create that special party feeling.

Among the many events we have worked on are Glastonbury, Eastern Electrics and Creamfields in the UK, Exit in Serbia, Feest in Het Park in Belgium, and Osheaga in Canada.

The end-to-end solution – or any individual component

We can create every component of your event 
or we can fit right in with your existing teams and agencies.

Igloos can come fully-crewed. They’re also available on a dry hire basis. You can buy your very own. Or we can build a unique 360° projection space.

We’ve created unforgettable experiences for many of the world’s biggest brands

“I don’t think you could find a better technology or better space to communicate compelling stories about what you do as an organisation”

Andrew Dunnett,
Director, Vodafone Foundation

Walking on Water

One of our best-known cultural installations is Walking on Water, conceived by the UAE artist Mohammed Kazem.

It was first shown at the 55th Venice Biennale. It then featured at the Emirati Expressions exhibition in Abu Dhabi and it’s been selected as a permanent exhibit for the Guggenheim in the UAE.

The media attention was just incredible – including the Financial Times, the New York Times, BBC News, and Huffington Post (to name just a few).

Thinking through every eventuality

With so much live events experience under our belt, we instinctively think through every eventuality. 

We worry about what could go wrong and, with rock solid project management disciplines, we make sure the show does go on.

For example, in recent assignments we have:

  • Created an Igloo-plex deep in the sweltering heat of the Thai jungle
  • Survived a hurricane in Nova Scotia (our Igloo was the only structure left standing)
  • Erected our cavernous 21m dome in a remote Serbian fortress
  • Delivered amazing events in several of the world’s most iconic venues

So, however remote your location, however historic your venue, however tight your get-in times, speak to us about how we may be able to help.

The all-weather, all-purpose, go-anywhere venue

Part of the Igloo attraction is the versatility and durability of the Igloo projection domes.

Indoors or out, they look just stunning.  They are inherently robust,  quick to rig and de-rig,  and come complete with all the health and safety paperwork. And, by customising the cover, you also have a huge blank canvas to work with.

But, if your space and time are more restricted, you can also use one of our projection cylinders, which are even quicker to rig and are specifically designed to fit under standard ceiling heights.  They also come with an exhibition-grade finish, and can be easily branded.


Working with you to perfect your content

If there is one thing we’ve learnt about events in an Igloo, it's this – your event will only ever be as good as your content.

The great thing is that you’ve got so much scope to create something amazing.  So, for example, you can:

  • Play back any of your content in crystal-clear, ultra-high definition.
  • Enhance your 360° content with attention-grabbing 360° soundscapes.
  • Work with animation and/or CGI and/or video and/or anything really.
  • Incorporate and switch between any media source (live, streamed video, for example, or even a Skype call) and any presentation software (like Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi).

See our content pages for more details, or call us for guidance.


Not QUITE what you’re looking for?

We don’t just work in projection domes. 
We also work with clients to create other immersive environments. 

And we use our projection and technology skills to deliver talked-about immersive spaces and projection mapping installations.

A few recent assignments include:
  • A 15-projector installation for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.
  • A 17-projector experiential tunnel at the UK Boat Show.
  • A 22-projector immersive room at one of New York’s most prestigious addresses.
  • A regular projection mapping role at Glastonbury, the world’s favourite music festival.