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Business benefits

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Collaborate effectively
Everything you need for discussion, deliberation and decision-making is clear for everyone to see.

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Run productive meetings
Live project documents are displayed and worked on around the room.

Share multiple screens, streams, devices
Share multiple streams of content, from multiple locations, and multiple devices, all at the same time.

Bring disparate teams closer together
Easily bring remotely-located teams into the heart of the discussion with immersive video conferencing.
Find new perspectives and fresh insights
With wraparound content and room-scale visualisations, you can see right inside your data and get new angles on your KPIs.

Facilitate ideation sessions
With web-based tools and an inspiring, cocoon-like environment, you can run thought-provoking idea-generation sessions.

Turn your meeting room into a macro-tool

Let’s take a lesson from how other people work (i.e. people doing physical tasks, who use physical tools). They tend to work in a spatial environment - a room specifically designed for the purpose.

Consider a carpenter’s workshop, a commercial kitchen, a potter’s studio, or car repair shop. Everything is elegantly and spatially arranged. The tools are easily accessible. And the team members can easily collaborate.

By using Igloo immersive technology for collaboration, you can take these principles and apply them to your meeting room. Instead of competing for limited screen space, the technology you use in your working life is no longer trapped behind a little rectangular screen.

It’s a spatial environment. None of your data or documents is more than a glance away. And everything is up there, on the walls, clear to see, for debate, discussion and decision-making.

Don’t worry, it’s really, really easy to use.

Easy to understand
The user interface (which we call Igloo Home) looks and acts just like a huge smartphone screen. All of the apps are there, plain to see. To use them, you just point and click. And content windows can be positioned, sized, re-sized, minimized and so on.

Easy to operate
It is easily controlled, using a full range of everyday devices - like smartphones, tablets, keyboards, mice, VR controllers, and even gesture and voice.

Easy to mix-and-match existing content
It integrates, out-of-the-box, and works natively with all your existing business tools (like 3D design packages, CAD software, data visualisation tools, Office software, collaboration tools, etc, etc, etc).

Easy to create new content
The huge immersive screens are great for engaging team members, delivering stand-out presentations, and telling compelling corporate stories. And it’s super-easy to make great content using standard technology tools - like the Office, Google and Adobe suites.

Powered by Igloo software & plugins, tailored for collaboration

Igloo software is built for ease-of-use and stability. It’s easy to start (just two clicks from your desktop) and operate. And you will quickly learn how to get the best from it.

Igloo Warper

Igloo Warper is the core program for displaying content in the Igloo Shared VR system for simulations, visualisations and experiences.

Igloo Capture

Igloo Capture is content-agnostic and compatible with almost any content you could want to display, transforming meetings, presentations, training, education, and events.

Igloo Web

Igloo Web is a fully-functioning 360° web browser designed for your Igloo immersive space. Embrace the internet in 360° and bring any webpage or web-based app into your Igloo space.

Igloo Cast

Igloo Cast captures your desktop or laptop screen and automatically shares it to the Igloo from your device. Your entire screen is mirrored onto a window that becomes part of the 360° canvas.

Don't take our word for it

What do our clients think?

“Igloo Web is fantastic, because it opens up the entire web to the immersive environment. Anything that’s out there that is 360 or even or at least panoramic, I can pull it in, and stretch it, skew it, and make it fit within the environment, so that I can basically present any material, any content.”

"One of the advantages is the pro applications that come with the Igloo software, like Igloo Warper, Igloo Web. They're ready-to-use, custom-made applications that really allow you to get your content up in the system really quickly. The ability to create, for example, a 360° Google Slides presentation to present in the room means this is accessible to all academic staff, not just those with the skills to make 360° video."

“Having the Igloo provides a very safe, quiet space for SMEs to talk to local authorities and local governments about future potential areas of collaboration.”

Paul Cooper
Transformative Technologies Coordinator, Michigan State University

Adam Montagu
Assoc. Professor and Director of Health Simulation, The University of Adelaide

Cera Wong
SME Development Manager, Connected Places Catapult

Take a look at some case studies


Uses several Igloos for rapid and effective ideation.


A 9-metre cylinder was used to host blue-sky thinking workshops.

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by 100s of clients across many different sectors.
So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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