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We’ve been developing shared immersive spaces for over a decade

We take any digital content and put it in a shared immersive space that anyone can use.

We design, develop and deliver immersive domes, cylinders, workspaces, custom-builds, and the Igloo Immersive Media Player that powers them all. And we’ve developed a full suite of software that makes it super-easy to engage with any immersive content.

And because groups of people can get inside an Igloo space, it’s always a shared experience. So it’s perfect for experiences and events. And it’s ideal for collaborative teamwork and training.

What does 'Igloo Shared VR' mean? 

We can work with any type of digital content - that includes content originally designed for a VR headset, including 360° images, 360° video, and game engine-based content. So you overcome the solitary nature of a VR headset and can share the immersion with whole groups of people. And it’s a more comfortable experience for those who don’t get on with headsets for whatever reason.

Igloo Shared VR is ideal for:


Make meetings more productive - enable project teams to see, share, discuss, and update all of their data and documents.

Learn how Igloo can make meetings more productive


Immerse your teams in any scenario - ideal for training, education and familiarisation.

Explore how to train and educate teams with Igloo


Bring your designs to life - with a fully-immersive, highly-engaging, surprisingly-affordable visualisation platform.

Find out how to bring designs to life in Igloo


Engage, inspire and entertain - use wraparound sound and vision to create unforgettable events and experiences.

Discover how Igloo can help create unforgettable experiences

Where we come from 

We started out on the festival circuit in 2007, founded by a group of technically-minded, Shropshire-based dance enthusiasts who wanted to create the ultimate party venue.

Those founders, realising that the projection systems at the time were prohibitively expensive, developed their own software to fill domes with seamless 360° projections.

It wasn’t long before festival-goers with a corporate background saw the potential for other use cases. The festival work was supplemented by several small-scale corporate events. Then a dramatic change in pace came with large-scale projects for clients such as Sky, Toyota and UKTI.

In the early days, we attracted investment from a pair of tech entrepreneurs who provided seed investment and business direction. Then, in 2012, we secured investment from Midven, the midlands-based venture capital firm. And in 2019 and 2020 we completed further funding rounds, raising capital under the UK Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme. (And, if you’d like to learn more about investment opportunities, check out our Investor Relations page).

Headquartered in Shropshire in the rural UK, we now also have offices in London, the US (New York and Los Angeles), Canada (Toronto), and Australia (Melbourne).

Where we're going - Clun Valley to Silicon Valley 

As time went on, we worked on more-and-more permanent installations for clients across the world, enterprise and education alike. And our technology, software and products became ever more expansive and sophisticated.

Early in 2020, we launched the immersive workspace alongside our new distribution partners in the US, AVI-SPL. It was a timely development - immersive workspaces were being touted as a technology CIOs should be investigating by Gartner. And NTT highlighted ‘phygital spaces’ in its predictions for 2020 technology. It showed us that we’re on the right path.

Shortly after, we launched the Igloo Immersive Media Player - we packed the power of Igloo immersive technology into a sleek, sophisticated, standalone unit. This particular innovation means that anyone can equip any space with Igloo immersive technology to create huddle rooms, innovation hubs, CAVEs, retail installations - and much more.

We now count among our clients the likes of Microsoft, Accenture, NTT, PwC, BP, and many more, who are all using Igloo immersive technology to work faster, smarter, and safer. And we’ve installed Igloo immersive spaces in over 30 universities, colleges, and schools across the world - that number is constantly growing.

The Igloo Leadership Team

Igloo benefits from a strong leadership team, bringing together skills and experience in technology, business, sales and financial management.

photograph of Philip Davidson, the Non-Exec chair

Philip Davidson, Non-Exec Chair

Philip has recently joined Igloo with a broad range of experience, helping entrepreneurs and businesses turn their ideas into great companies. His experiences as both CEO and Executive Chairman in high-growth sectors means he understands the rollercoaster ride of scaling rapidly growing companies. This coupled with his work on potential companies (typically PE-backed) looking to scale their ideas into sustainable and valuable businesses means he is ideally placed to assist Igloo Group at the next stage of growth.

colin yellowley image

Colin Yellowley, Founder & R&D Director

Colin is a co-founder of Igloo, and now runs its R&D function. He previously had more than ten years’ experience of working in multimedia, web design and film production. Having originally launched Igloo on the contemporary arts circuits, he successfully steered the company into the simulation and visualisation sector, and continues to play the central role in its product development.

Kerry Head, Managing Director

Kerry joined Igloo in 2017 to oversee its global expansion and to introduce more rigour and discipline to product delivery and growth. She was originally appointed as Finance Director and was promoted to Managing Director in 2021. Kerry is an FCA with a background in financial services including roles at Citi and Credit Suisse. Her focus remains ensuring clients have the best possible immersive experience using the Igloo software platform.

gareth williams image

Gareth Williams, Technical Director 

Gareth has over 25 years experience working in software development, services and support in the areas of CAD/CAM, Visualisation, Simulation, Virtual Reality, Systems Integration, Database and Web applications.

Stu George, Head of Production Technology

Stu is an experienced CIO/CTO with a history of working in gaming, broadcast, post production and Immersive VR industries. He is responsible for the specification and ongoing support of Igloo technology.

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