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Bring your concepts to life

Igloo visualisations bring your architectural, engineering, and construction design concepts to life.

If you create 3D, CAD, CGI or BIM content, use 360° films or fly-throughs, or want to show clients or stakeholders how your finished concepts will look and feel, Igloo is a fully-immersive, highly-engaging, surprisingly-affordable visualisation platform.

Business benefits

Improve sales processes
Show exactly how your concepts will look and feel.

Speed-up the sign-off
Answer detailed planning questions with life-like demonstrations.

Increase engagement
Win over community and stakeholder groups.

Reduce planning errors
Experience spatial interactions and complex dynamics, and spot potential issues.

Enhance collaboration
Bring all your teams together - design, engineering, clients and end-users.

Data visualisation
Turn data into visuals that people can readily absorb, without cluttering screens.

Igloo working with Michigan State University

Providing the focal point for a Digital Scholarship Lab

Michigan State University invested in a cutting-edge Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL) within its Main Library that includes a 360° immersive visualisation room from Igloo Vision.

The Shared VR facility offers flexible applications for all disciplines in teaching, learning, and research. For example, history classes can explore architecture from around the world; interior designers can make their designs come to life; and game developers can develop and display their video games in a fully immersive environment.

This was a significant project for Igloo, not just because it's our first US-based university assignment, but also because it features an array of the latest generation laser projectors, equipped with specialised ultra-short throw lenses. This means we get all the benefits of laser projectors (image quality, blendability, reliability, etc) in a relatively confined space, with no shadowing and no loss of image quality.

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Igloo working with Accenture

Using Shared VR for rapid and effective ideation

As everyone knows, Accenture is a global authority on the enterprise applications of immersive technology. We've been in dialogue with them for a while. And we have now worked with Accenture to install two Igloo Shared VR systems - one in San Francisco and one in Atlanta.

In December 2018, a new Atlanta Innovation Hub was opened in Technology Square. Then, in February 2019, journalists and influencers were given a tour of the flagship San Francisco Innovation Hub in Salesforce Tower.

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Igloo working with asBUILT

Using Shared VR to immerse entire teams in digital assets

asBUILT is one of the largest independent BIM (Building Information Modelling) consultancies in Australasia. As discussed in this blog post, the firm understands that virtual reality technology is key for BIM visualisation. But it was looking for a way to get away from the isolation of VR headsets and enable entire teams to experience digital assets - and an Igloo 7-metre cylinder provided the perfect solution.

The cylinder became the Engage360TM and is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It allows users to become truly immersed in digital assets - it’s the closest they will get to actually being there.

The cylinder is transportable, allowing asBUILT to bring Engage360TM to potential customers. A roadshow across Australia and New Zealand is in the works to show off the new tech - we’re looking forward to hearing more!

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Igloo working with SXSW

Representing the best of British creativity

SXSW in Austin is one of the BIG events in the Igloo calendar. And, in 2018, we were there in two capacities, both of which made us VERY proud.

First, we were part of the Future Art & Culture program, put together by the Arts Council and British Underground.

We built a Shared VR space to host Beethoven’s Fifth, an immersive film directed by the one-and-only Jessica Brillhart, featuring an up-close-and-personal performance by the Philharmonia Orchestra. As part of this, our friends at Mixed Immersion developed an awesomely effective ambisonic sound system. And, for the first time, we showcased a tasty new ultra-short-throw laser projection rig.

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Igloo working with Optus

Submerging Commonwealth Games fans in a swimming pool

Optus, one of Australia’s largest Telcos, used the 2018 Commonwealth Games as an opportunity to give the Australian public its first chance to experience some of the features of its new 5G network.

The idea was to showcase real-world applications of the low latency and high bandwidth that will be key features of 5G through live-streaming. Igloo was enlisted to provide a shared VR dome, and we worked with 360° content company Staples VR to site a camera on the bottom of the swimming pool in the Optus Aquatic Centre.

Optus used a combination of fibre and 5G technology to transmit 360° coverage of the Commonwealth Games swimming events to the Igloo.

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Igloo working with Future Cities Catapult

Offering a Shared VR space for hire in Central London

The Future Cities Catapult (now Connected Cities Catapult) is one of several government-backed Catapult centres dotted around the UK.

An incredible resource, this network of world-leading facilities is designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation, and help drive future economic growth. And, as its name suggests, the Future Cities Catapult in central London has an emphasis on advanced urban services.

To extend the benefits of Shared VR, Future Cities Catapult wanted an Igloo system onsite. We therefore installed a 6 metre cylinder at the Urban Innovation Centre in Central London, where it became available for anyone to hire out for data visualisation tasks and Shared VR presentations.

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Igloo working with Skanska Capitol Tower

Bringing a planned skyscraper to life using Shared VR

Instead of a traditional groundbreaking, Skanska hosted a ‘skybreaking’ to show off its new skyscraper in downtown Houston.

A 6-metre Igloo cylinder was set up in the nearby JW Marriott Houston Downtown hotel. Invited guests, including prospective tenants and other stakeholders were able to come in, walk around and experience a 360° virtual tour of the gleaming Capitol Tower, now under construction.

Showcasing the building in Shared VR allowed everyone to get a better idea of what the finished product will look like.

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Igloo working with Lendlease

Using Shared VR across the AEC lifecycle

Lendlease, the leading international property and infrastructure group, is working in partnership with Southwark Council to deliver a GBP£2 billion regeneration programme on 28 acres of land in the centre of London's Elephant & Castle.

The company has installed VRoom - using one of our 6 metre shared VR cylinders - at its new Elephant Park site to use across all departments, including project, sales, safety and design.

Lendlease is showing how Shared VR can bring big business benefits to the worlds of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

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Work smarter and faster

With Igloo, you’re not tied down to a single tool or service provider. Use all your existing visualisation tools and workflows.

Our flexible systems give you the freedom to use the tools you are already familiar with in your everyday workflows.

Even when working with very large BIM models, encompassing thousands of rooms and sophisticated mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), the Igloo system handles it without breaking a sweat.

Meanwhile, our straightforward, easy-to-use software means that you don’t need onsite technical support, or even to be that proficient with CAD. Instead, you get immediate value from your Igloo investment. And, of course, if you ever need help or guidance, our technical support team is only ever a phone call away.

Igloo isn't square (or flat) – so we’re the
ideal visualisation environment

With a wraparound 360° horizon, our projection cylinders are an ideal visualisation tool. Unlike many BIM caves or cubes, Igloos don’t have corners, so don’t suffer from annoying distortions. And, in contrast to flat or curved-screen systems, you can step right inside your visualisations.

Increase spatial understanding

It is easier and more intuitive to understand spatial dynamics, including scale, shape, location, distance and direction. Information can therefore be assimilated more quickly and effectively.

Improve team interaction

Igloo eliminates the need for team members to huddle uncomfortably around a single screen. Instead, they can collaborate and interact more easily, drawing each other’s attention to details and taking full advantage of the so-called field of regard (FOR).

Increase peripheral awareness

An entire panoramic, 360° image can be displayed. So instead of being preoccupied or distracted by a portion or selective view of the data, it can be seen and comprehended in its entirety.

Reduce information clutter

With a huge screen area, it is possible to display and integrate various types and sources of information (such as icons, windows, text boxes, and glyphs). So a variety of information can be assimilated and cross-referenced more quickly and effectively.

Powered by Igloo software & plugins, tailored for visualisation

Igloo software is built for ease-of-use and stability. It’s easy to start (just two clicks from your desktop) and operate. And you will quickly learn how to get the best from it.

Igloo Web
Easily display any web browser content directly into the Igloo in full 360°. Display live data  and social media feeds during presentations.

Igloo Capture

Controls various inputs that can be loaded into the Igloo. Easily integrate up to 8 channels of content, from video capture, webcam and desktop capture.

Igloo VR Spectator

Simultaneously play VR or 360° content both in headsets and Igloo Shared VR, enabling spectators to see what’s happening in the headset.

Igloo Visualise

Showcase 3D, CAD, CGI and BIM content in 360° without integration tools. We have plugins for software like Revizto, Spherevision, Navisworks, Unity, Unreal, etc.

Don't take our word for it

What do our clients think?

“Located at the heart of the campus, our students and faculty now have access to a state-of-the-art facility that elevates our widely recognised strengths in the digital arts and humanities.”

"Even building professionals have a hard time visualizing something until they get to see it in an immersive situation like this, and then it becomes real."

“Previously it took a number of weeks working with the planners to help them understand how the buildings related to each other and related to the context, we had to do up a number of complicated views and spend a lot of money. Using this kind of technology we can agree that in five minutes.”

Christopher Long
Dean of College and Arts, Michigan State University

Seán Murphy
Development Manager, Skanska UK

Tom Branton
Senior Development Manager, Lendlease

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by 100s of clients across many different sectors.
So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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