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What our clients say

“Previously we took a number of weeks working with the planners to help them understand how the buildings related to each other, and it took about 6-8 weeks to agree the height of those buildings. Using this kind of technology, we can agree that in five minutes.”

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"It’s been great. Igloo is there to support you every step of the way. The team is always coming in to show us different opportunities, whether that be new projector options or new software capabilities. It’s very much a collaborative experience."

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What do we do at Igloo?

We design and develop software that can turn any space into an immersive environment, enabling you to display any kind of digital content.

You can choose an off-the-shelf structure (like a dome, cylinder or cube), come to us for a custom-build, or we can transform any existing room.

Every Igloo space, whatever size or shape, comes with all the hardware, audio-visual equipment and software you need. Our software is run by the Immersive Media Player, a powerful platform that can display any digital content, including 360° images, videos, interactive apps - anything created for a VR headset. But with our technology, it feels like you’re stepping into the VR headset. And our immersive environment lets you share the experience with whole groups. So it’s perfect for training, collaboration, and education.

It’s not just about VR. In an Igloo immersive space, you can view and interact with any digital content, including software and tools you use every day like PowerPoint or Zoom. And speaking of Zoom, our immersive video conferencing solutions let you effortlessly engage with any colleagues based anywhere in the world.

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How Lanes Group saved £1m in training and recruitment costs

Lanes Group, which manages a 68,000-mile wastewater network for Thames Water, wanted to find a way to fast-track the training of its maintenance teams – by immersing them in life-like scenarios.

We worked with them to create a smart training facility based on a custom-built 7-metre cylinder. As part of wider Health & Safety and Learning & Development initiatives, Lanes has achieved:

  • 57% reduction in employee attrition
  • 9% reduction in employee feelings of unhappiness
  • £1m reduction in recruitment and training costs

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ISO 45001 certified

AV awards winner

Winner Collaboration technology of the year

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We can turn any room into an immersive workspace

And save you time and money in the process.

In just a few short steps, we can build a customised Igloo setup that will give you 5x the visual data of a typical two-screen conference room. 

How it works

1. Plan

1. Plan

We listen to your needs and learn how you intend to use an immersive workspace – whether it’s for collaboration, visualisation, simulation, or education.

2. Design

2. Design

We work closely with your teams to design the exact space you want, with whatever features and added extras you fancy. Whether that be floor projection, soundproofing, 4D elements and more. 

3. Model

3. Model

We use our proprietary Igloo 3D modelling tools, and deep experience of creating usable, covetable shared immersive spaces to map out every detail.

4. Install

4. Install

After you approve a detailed visualisation of the space, our team professionally installs each element of the system, exactly as it was modelled.

5. Support

5. Support

Our global support team is available whenever you need it, for questions, advice, or trouble-shooting, no matter your location or time zone.

Or we can build a cylinder, cube, or CAVE for mobile or permanent installation

We also design and install standalone Igloo solutions with all the hardware and software you need for a fully immersive space. We tailor every project to your needs, whether you’re looking for a permanent installation for training, or want to create a sales and marketing suite at your headquarters. And if our existing products aren’t a good fit, we can build a fully custom solution.

How we'll work with you

When you get in touch, we’ll take you through a consultative process where we learn about your needs for an immersive space, who’s going to use it, and what tools you need to work in it.

We’ll specify the ideal solution for your needs based on where you want to install it, and on the expertise we’ve amassed over the last decade.

Then, we install and configure every element of your new Igloo. Or, if you have a preferred integrator, we work with them to deliver your solution.

Next, we arrange training for you and your teams so that anyone can get started with using your new Igloo installation.

Our global customer support team is available for questions and advice, whatever your location and time zone. And we keep you up-to-date with the latest features so you're always getting the most out of your investment.

Learn more about our process

Ready to learn more?

Even if you can’t visit us in-person, our virtual demo solution enables you to explore our products, experience our technology, and even try out your content in an Igloo, all without leaving home. It all takes place over a video call, on whatever platform suits you.

You’ll speak to one of our expert Igloo representatives who’ll be coming to you live from one of our Igloo demo centres (the picture gives you an idea of what you’ll see).

Our representatives can:

  • Give you a road-test of the Igloo software - our representative will give you a full rundown of all its functionality
  • Dig into your needs - we’ll work closely with you to define the best solution for you and your teams
  • Show you some integrations - because our tech works, out-of-the-box, with lots of tools, so it can fit right in with your workflows
  • Test your own content - if you’ve got 360° or VR content, we can run it for real, in real-time, in a virtual Igloo

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