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As a result of using Igloo alongside its other Health and Safety initiatives, Lanes reported:

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57% reduction
 in employee attrition

9% reduction
 in employee feelings of unhappiness

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$1.25m reduction
 in recruitment and training costs

The product

We worked with Lanes to install a custom 7-metre cylinder at its Slough offices. In batches of 15 people at a time, new recruits are able to interact with more than 40 training films. Lanes invested in its own 360° camera and editing software to create these films, to give new recruits an in-depth introduction to the type of environments they work in, the challenges they may face, and the remedies they will need to apply.

An interactive module has also been created by content creator Myriad Global, which has gamified the learning experience for new recruits. The system requires each user to log in, entering their employee identification number, so all actions can be tracked via background analytics. This enables Lanes to track the progress of individual employees and highlight any areas of training that people struggle with.

The result

By using the Igloo, Lanes can preserve the group inductions, but still immerse new recruits without the need for VR headsets.

On each visit to the training centre, employees are asked to evaluate their experience, leading to a net promoter score NPS) of 89%. And focus group research demonstrates a wholly positive attitude among users. 


“With the Igloo, you get that group feel, so you get to engage with other members of your team, you can see their reactions, and you discuss things as you go through the programmes. I think that’s the reason why the Igloo really works.”

Andrew MacCuish
Head of HSQE, Lanes Group

"If your people are expected to work in a high-risk environment, and you need them to be aware of their surroundings, this is the perfect way to get them up to speed."

James Brewer
Learning & Development Specialist, Lanes Group

"Traditionally, staff induction and training has involved recruits doing a log of sitting and being presented to. The Igloo breaks that mould. It brings wastewater training into the 21st century."

Mark Grimshaw
Head of Wastewater Networks North London, Thames Water