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Environment Protection Authority


New South Wales, Australia




6-metre cylinder

Environment Protection Authority : 360° Theatre

The New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA) uses an Igloo Shared VR cylinder for simulation and training, and also rents it out to other government agencies.

EPA originally acquired the Igloo system as a simulation space. As part of the specification, we provided a full 360° stereoscopic mode. And EPA developed a number of interactive training modules for staff working in oil and gas extraction - including fully interactive landscapes, animations and a unique Q&A function for testing information recall.

To get the most from its investment, EPA actively encourages other organisations to make use of the system. And, to this end, it has developed a full support package, including content creation and technical partnerships.

You can check out the video to see it in action, and watch a longer version here.

"What we've ended up with is a cutting-edge piece of technology that is transportable and that actually anyone can set up and install and use and disassemble, pack it up, take it away, with a shelf-life of 10-15 years for the EPA."

Daniel McDonald
Chief Operating & Finance Officer, Aspect Digital