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Create a bespoke immersive space

We create custom solutions for many of our clients.

We can adapt our standard solutions, or we can build something from scratch.

That’s another benefit of having everything in-house, under one roof – the software developers, the draftsmen, the graphic designers, the craftsmen, and the muscle-power.

Why might you want an Igloo custom-build?

Our standardised solutions do meet the needs of most of our clients most of the time.

But, every now and then, something extra-special is required. For example, you might want to:

  • Fit a bespoke immersive facility into your premises.
  • Work within space constraints that require a smaller footprint.
  • Create a permanent installation.
  • Opt for über-high-definition with many more projectors and/or a professionally-specced sound system.

So, do speak to us about the options.

We can deliver the complete solution – or fit in with your production teams

We work in lots of different ways with plenty of different clients.

Sometimes they want us to design, build and install the complete caboodle. Sometimes they will want us to deliver specific components. And, often, they will expect us to be part of an extended team – working alongside third-party engineers, designers, creatives, and fitters.

So, talk to us about how you’d like to manage your project and structure your teams.

For integrators, we can support you to create outstanding immersive installations

If you’re pitching for or delivering an immersive space, you can call on us for as much or as little as you want.

For, example, we could be involved every step of the way - helping you design and specify a stand-out immersive space, present it to your client, convince them to sign-up, and deliver the installation.

Services and solutions we provide include:

  • Consultancy and system design
  • Documentation for RFQs and tenders
  • CAD modelling
  • Projector throw calculations and coverage maps
  • Off-the-shelf software and hardware for turnkey solutions
  • Custom software development for integrating with custom peripherals
  • Integration with a variety of protocols (including Crestron, ACA, DMX, OSC, and many more)
  • Standard, stand-alone spaces (such as cubes, cylinders and domes)
  • Ambisonic and spatial sound design

Alternatively, at the other end of the scale, we can leave everything to you, and simply provide an Igloo IMP media player and software bundle.

Just drop us a line to find out more about how we can support you to land your deals.

We do like a challenge…

You can generally expect us to rise to any immersive space challenge.

The thing is, it’s what we live and breathe. We stay up with the technologies. We keep ahead of the trends. And we have several ‘world-firsts’ to our name.

For example, we started projection mapping onto cars way before it became common-place. We pioneered the use of fully-spherical projections. We created a unique smart glass cylinder. And we’ve crammed a huge array of projectors into an immersive room at one of NYC’s most exclusive new buildings.

So, please, tell us what you’re imagining, and we’ll work out how to make it a reality.

We learned the hard way - so you don’t need to

Because we’ve been doing immersive technology so well and for so long, we’ve already overcome the type of quirks, complications and considerations that are inevitably involved in creating an immersive space.

For example, we can advise you on the idiosyncrasies of HVAC in an immersive installation, on the best way to handle working with multiple projector types in the same space, the acoustics of a 360° design, and so on and so on.

So, when you call on Igloo, you’re calling on our expertise and all the lessons that we’ve learned in our 10+ years of creating immersive spaces - and you get to benefit from all that experience.

Talk to us about your immersive installation

An Igloo at the heart of the design

For Deakin University, we worked closely with it on every step of the process of installing a high-end Igloo immersive cylinder.

We consulted on an extension to an existing building that would house the new precinct, applying the circle design of the Igloo cylinder to a circular Think Tank and semi-circular editing suite.

This involved collaborating alongside a range of partners including architects, construction firms, AV integrators, and so on.

A 17-projector immersive room

For Extell, we deployed 17 projectors and a bespoke media player to bathe an entire room, which measured 8-metres x 7-metres x 6-metres, in ultra-high-resolution projected imagery.

The space was used as an out-of-the-ordinary sales and marketing suite for its Central Park Tower development, a super-tall mixed-use commercial and residential project.

A tight squeeze for a customised cylinder

To make the most of the limited space available for a Cushman & Wakefield marketing suite, we adapted a standard Igloo 5-metre cylinder, creating an open-fronted 300° space, fitted with the latest ultra-short throw Epson projectors. We crafted a drop-ceiling to conceal the projectors, with only the periscope lenses exposed. And we added a custom touchscreen kiosk to control and interact with the video and Unreal content.

The cylinder itself is flexible enough that it can be moved and then redeployed for any future developments too.

A half-dome for specific constraints

Working with VISYON for The Holy Quran Academy, we specified a unique 180° half-dome solution - a screen that would curve around and above its audience to create for a more immersive experience than just a long flat screen.

This solution was chosen since a full 360° dome wouldn't quite fit, due to the positions of pillars in the installation site.

A unique world-first smart glass cylinder

Microsoft wanted to create an immersive visual experience to communicate to its customers in a way that reflects its brand values.

The firm commissioned Igloo to design, supply and fit a “world-first” cylindrical glass immersive space into its UK head offices in Paddington, London.

The moment you enter the offices, the installation is a real attention-grabber, which enables the Microsoft Business team to articulate the benefits of Microsoft technology in a far more engaging way.

Not sure what you need?

We've helped 100s of clients to specify their ideal shared immersive space. We'll discuss your needs and challenges, and talk you through the options and opportunities.

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