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Business benefits

Reduce costs
Avoid expensive real-life training scenarios or trips to faraway locations.

Enhance collaboration
Entire teams can interact with any scenario.

Increase engagement
Authentic experiences are effectively re-created.

Improve safety
Carry out Health & Safety inductions without having to travel to the site every time.

Improve monitoring
All sessions can be recorded and archived.

Risk and crisis training
A risk-free way to experience hazardous situations.

Igloo working with The University of Brighton

Creating an immersive sports science simulator

The Centre for Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine (SESAME) at The University of Brighton is the proud owner of a 210° Igloo projection system.

Floor space in the lab is at a premium, so we proposed a 210° screen that can be easily stored then quickly erected whenever it is needed. Meanwhile, the projection and audio system are permanently fixed, meaning even quicker set-up times and little need for warping.

The simulator is primarily used to research reaction times and decision-making in sport-related situations. By using digital media to immerse participants in unfamiliar surroundings, psychological effects can also be assessed. And the benefits of the system have been covered by Education Technology magazine.

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Igloo working with BP Training

Industry leading oil and gas simulation training

Believed to be a first for the chemical industry in the UK, a 6-metre Igloo was installed at the Saltend refinery in Hull, April 2015.

The solution offers an alternative approach to training. Through lidar scanning and a detailed texturing process, we replicated the plant digitally to an extremely accurate level of detail.

Using the facility, field technicians can practice safety critical tasks, such as safe startup and emergency shut-down procedures, in a virtual production plant. This is integrated with BP’s existing fully dynamic process simulator and its Honeywell control room simulator, which means that the competence of whole shift teams can be assessed and influenced by trainers for the first time. In terms of increased safety, reliability and capability, the potential impact is enormous.

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Igloo working with Lanes Group

Using Shared VR training to develop a highly engaged and well-prepared workforce

Lanes Group, which manages a 68,000-mile wastewater network for Thames Water, wanted to find a way to fast-track the training of its maintenance teams – by immersing them in life-like scenarios.

We worked with them to create a smart training facility based on a custom-built 7-metre cylinder.

In batches of 15 people at a time, new recruits are able to interact with more than 40 training films. Since the introduction of the Igloo, Lanes has reported on more effective training and improved retention of new recruits.

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Igloo working with Loughborough University

Changing the way training works with Shared VR

Loughborough University’s Department of Chemical Engineering is using Shared VR to
teach graduate students about the realities of working in a live process plant.

The Igloo dome is now tightly integrated into the Department’s graduate curriculum. In
particular, students use it to understand the interplay between control room operations and field operations. They also use it to get a clear understanding of safety implications – for example, by deliberately upsetting processes to see the effects, without risking the disastrous consequences that would ensue in the real world.

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Igloo working with Medtronic

Using Shared VR for applied innovation

Medtronic’s Applied Innovation Lab is a collaboration hub for employees, customers, healthcare providers, and other partners.

The 2,200 square foot space is a vibrant and dynamic space - always changing, depending what projects are in the works. Simulated environments, such as a patient’s living room or a hospital emergency room containing a bed and patient monitors are created to scale.

But there are environments that cannot be completely experienced in a corner of the lab. That’s where the Applied Innovation Lab’s signature feature comes into play. It’s a retractable, 6-metre Igloo cylinder, that can transport a project team anywhere in the world - from inside the waiting room of a hypertension clinic in Ghana, to the Medtronic training centre in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Igloo working with GORE-TEX

Creating the GORE-TEX® SURROUND® 5D experience

To support the GORE-TEX® Surround footwear campaign, we helped to create a fully immersive, 360° 5D experience in the main atrium, Westfield London.

The GORE-TEX® SURROUND® 5D experience kitted out visitors with GORE-TEX® footwear and then exposed them to the elements, including wind & rain, as they experienced 5D simulations of some of the UK’s most stunning natural beauty spots.

The first location was Henrhyd Falls, the tallest waterfall in southern Wales, boasting a spectacular 90-foot drop over the edge of a rugged rock formation. Visitors could also experience the historic beauty spot of Malham Cove in North Yorkshire, with a chance to see the amazing panoramic views from the clifftop, standing at around 260-feet high. GORE-TEX® also ran a competition throughout the activation, giving away a pair of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes every day.

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Igloo working with London Boat Show

Shared VR tunnel for the 2016 London Boat Show

Working closely with Drive Productions, we designed and installed the 20-channel immersive projection system for the London Boat Show's 4D Experience Tunnel.

The concept was to drop the audience into the middle of the ocean by combining photorealistic CGI imagery, 4D environmental effects and surround sound.

When Drive Productions came to us with this project we jumped at the chance. Although not Igloo's standard 360º set-up, we love creating immersive projection experiences, so had to be involved. The sheer size meant we brought in 22 projectors. By networking three Igloo Media Players and tweaking the standard Igloo software, this was no problem at all.

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Igloo working with Environment Protection Agency

Delivering a Shared VR theatre

The New South Wales Environment Protection Agency (EPA) uses an Igloo Shared VR cylinder for simulation and training, and also rents it out to other government agencies.

EPA originally acquired the Igloo system as a simulation space. As part of the specification, we provided a full 360° stereoscopic mode. And EPA developed a number of interactive training modules for staff working in oil and gas extraction - including fully interactive landscapes, animations and a unique Q&A function for testing information recall.

To get the most from its investment, EPA actively encourages other organisations to make use of the system. And, to this end, it has developed a full support package, including content creation and technical partnerships.

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Engaging, entertaining, instructive and inclusive

An Igloo is far more effective and engaging than any flat-screen, desk-bound equivalent.  Compared to VR headsets, it’s a collaborative environment where entire teams can discuss and interact at the centre of the scenario. You can reduce the need for physical visits to hazardous or faraway sites.

Simulated training scenarios are easily repeatable and far more cost-effective than real-life equivalents.

Powered by Igloo software & plugins, tailored for simulation

Igloo software is built for ease-of-use and stability. It’s easy to start (just two clicks from your desktop) and operate. And you will quickly learn how to get the best from it.

Igloo Visualise

Showcase 3D, CAD, CGI and BIM content in 360° without integration tools. We have plugins for software like Revizto, Spherevision, Navisworks, Unity, Unreal, etc.

Igloo Capture

Controls various inputs that can be loaded into the Igloo. Easily integrate up to 8 channels of content, from video capture, webcam and desktop capture.

Igloo VR Spectator

Simultaneously play VR or 360° content both in headsets and Igloo Shared VR, enabling spectators to see what’s happening in the headset.

Igloo Remote

An application that controls the Igloo wirelessly over a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Easily control different functions from tabs across the top of the app.

Don't take our word for it

What do our clients think?

“The flexibility, dynamic deployment and low cost nature of Igloo was an immediate attraction. The rapid repurposing of content such as 3D Unity demonstrations, high definition 360 images and existing video made it even more attractive.”

“It will really help the incident commanders think about their situational awareness, they really need to be able to see what's going on all the way around them."

“With the Igloo, you get that group feel, so you get to engage with other members of your team, you can see their reactions, and you discuss things as you go through the programmes. I think that’s the reason why the Igloo really works.”

Joe Little
Technology Officer, BP

Helen Tooley
Group Manager of Strategic Development, Fire Service College

Andrew McQuish
Head of HSQE, Lanes Utilities

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by 100s of clients across many different sectors.
So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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