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The product

So, after a period of research, Cubic came to Igloo. A 360° immersive dome was the ideal way to create realistic scenarios where trainees could still interact with each other and their equipment.

Initially, Cubic and Igloo worked together on a Steel Sabre exercise, using an Igloo dome to deliver training to 2,000 British and Danish troops. Not long after, Cubic invested in its very own Igloo dome continue developing its Shared VR training programmes.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Igloo software platform, Cubic could use familiar tools it already used (such as VBS3). As time has gone on, it has begun using other engines like Unity to create the simulations.

The result

Cubic has found this way of training to be very effective, particularly among its younger participants, who are often more familiar with video games. By using the wraparound dome, the training simulations are more like a real battlefield compared to a range that’s in front of the trainees.  

And with the Immersive Media Player, trainers can switch seamlessly and quickly between different scenarios. The Igloo is used to train a variety of audiences, from artillery observers to air defence operators, and more recently, to police and fire services. 


"You can get a whole team in here, which means the dynamic you expect to take place on a battlefield actually happens."

Neale Smiles
Ops Manager, Cubic Defence UK